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Crystal Fighters - Acoustic Show @ SoHo House NY 5/24/12 - Unweak

Shows - 5.27.12

crystal fighters acoustic show at soho house live may 2012 manhattan new york stop the weakness may 2012Alright so this will be quick, just to post the videos from the show, then we will put up videos from the main show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg with Is Tropical and do a more thorough review of both.

This was a showcase done at the ever so exclusive and trendy SoHo House where you have to be a member to get in (or get put on a list) and everyone there is a celebrity (legit or in their own minds). Graham from Crystal Fighters asked the bartender to take a picture of us and he responded, no pictures allowed, which laughed at thinking he was joking....til he told us he was serious. That being said, it is a pretty cool spot with a pool on the roof and not everyone is a complete fucking loser. Oh, and they have some pretty incredible drinks. And the bartender turned a blind eye and allowed someone else to take the picture.

So yeah, this was a small acoustic event. Played 4 songs. I thought it sounded pretty good and was at least cool to see the band do an acoustic set as that was a first. The vocals were loud and it was cool to be able to hear the female singer (blanking on her name at the moment) loud and clear...and to hear the songs sans lots of electronic back tracks. This basically turned into a full review, so I guess I will just wrap it up and show the videos.





So first up is the last song of the night - At Home - especially like how they have the female vox are the lead here, more true to the record. They did this the night before at the MHWburg show too....


Next is Xstatic Truth acoustic style.....


Crystal Fighters @ Music Hall of Williamsburg and Webster Hall 3/19/12 and 3/20/12 - STOPPED WEAKNESS

Shows - 4.16.12

crystal fighters webster hall glasslands manhattan brooklyn williamsburg  stop the weakness

Alright this has taken us too long to write up but that is mainly due to the hurt these shows laid on. The shows were better than expected, and expectations were high, and the pre and post show parties sealed the deal for a week worth of drinking depression. Was on bed rest for at least a week after the shows.

The first night was at Glasslands and while most people who attended both shows agreed that it was the better night, I was too drunk by the time the show started and it seems more of a blur. An awesome blur, but a little hazy nonetheless. That was caused by a good number hours before the show at Radegast, a beer garden a few blocks away, and while I was rather enjoying myself, the next morning I was very happy that my girlfriend and sister got me to go home right after the show around midnight. I was talking to the guitar player, Graham Dickson, before the show, discussing post show plans and he said it wasn't going to be a late night as they have to play another show the following night. Talk about a stinging slap of jealousy - oh you aren't going to have a late night tonight because in 24 hours you have to play another show, which consists of hanging out drinking beforehand and getting up and doing what you love.....well, I have to wake up in 6 hours to go to work and drinking off my hangover before I show up is typically frowned upon. Oh to live the life of a rockstar.

The next day we were hungover, wishing for death and all day it seemed like there was no chance we would make it to the show that night. The show was at Webster Hall in Manhattan, and since Crystal Fighters in the US is a rare thing, we had to make it. We met up with the band beforehand at a bar nearby, and like any normal person, we drank heavily to attempt to eliminate the hangover and get in a condition where we could enjoy the show. This was accomplished and the show was fucking awesome. Really fucking awesome. I tried to capture some video of the show but was ROCKING WAY TOO HARD to get decent shots. We put some clips up, so check them out. Even with the shakiness I think it gives a good idea of the energy here. As for the post show activities....I don't even want to get into it. All I know is that I got home around 3:30AM, after convincing one of our friends, who had no money, not to deal with the subway back to Brooklyn and to jump in a cab with us....only to then realize I had no money in my pocket when he dropped us off and stuck him with the cab fare. Everything in between was, well, pretty much standard stereotypical post show "partying with the band" (nice nice). Playing rock star for the evening, pretending I didn't need to be up in 3 hours to go sit in front of a computer all day.


So, yeah, felt horrible, but it was well worth it. I had never seen these guys play live, and, though I've seen videos of live shows, I have wondered how they would translate from their record. And the answer is that it was fucking awesome. The txalaparta, Basque percussion instrument, cuts through the mix more clearly than on the record, and the show is way more analog rock with electronic, than the other way around (the live drummer is especially awesome as well). Funny because I went up to Sebastian, the singer, post show and he asked how I liked it and I said what I just stated and that I was pumped because generally I am not crazy about full on electronic music. To this he responded, yeah, I've read your reviews before about not liking the unce unce unce electro dance stuff. Funny, but it's true, and these guys really pull it off - both live and on the record. For a band with very little US exposure, I have not seen a crowd this into it in a while. I mean, shit, for big bands with a lot of exposure, this crowd isn't the norm.


These guys are coming back to the US in May for the US release of their album, Star of Love. They are playing DC, Phila and the Music Hall of Wiliamsburg in Brooklyn (tickets are on sale now). There are also some west coast dates as well. We say this a lot, but this is really something you need to check out. These guys are the real deal and put on quite a show. Unlike anything you've seen before. They take the best parts of many different types of music and roll it all into a ball of awesomeness. They have the pure rock, electro heaviness, acoustic guitars and percussion from the Basque region, and pop hooks galore. 'twas unweak, some, like myself, may even say it stopped a lot of weakness.

Crystal Fighters - Acoustic Star of Love EP - Real Unweak

Albums - 4.28.11

crystal fighters acoustic EP real unweak stop the weakness DOT comThis is a great album to buy if you have tried to get into the Crystal Fighters but can't get past the dance factor. It can be tough I know. It took me a little while myself. That being said, I am a huge fan of Star of Love because the unce unce dance factor is only one part and there are many other parts thrown into the pot that make you not even notice the unce after a while. Basically, at the heart of it all, these are some very well crafted songs.

The unweakness of the songwriting here is often overshadowed by the energy, the dance, the beat, but when you take a step back, the melodies, harmonies, and little intricacies with the various guitars, synths, etc.....those are really where it's at. It is tough for me to say that I like these acoustic versions better than the actual record, but I think they are right up there and a must listen if you like the album already.

You know what....enough of me rambling on about these tracks take a listen to At Home below, then go to the Crystal Fighters website and buy yourself a digital copy of this acoustic EP:





Crystal Fighters - At Home (Acoustic) - http://shop.crystalfighters.com by Crystal Fighters  

Also....people who have listened to both, what do you guys think? Do you like these acoustic tracks better than the electro album? Let us know:


fakery Remix of Swallow by Crystal Fighters

Songs / Crystal Fighters - 1.31.11

Alright, well, a few months ago I got the tracks to do a remix of Swallow and....it is just finally done. Different than a normal remix, but I think it fits into the category still. Anyway, the original song is great, check it out below, and then check out the remix after. Email us your thoughts too.


All of Crystal Fighter's Official Videos

Unweak Music / Crystal Fighters - 1.26.11

Here are all the videos Crystal Fighters have made for their recently released album, Star of Love. If you have yet to purchase this album, I highly recommend you do. It is fucking awesome. Go here to get the album: http://www.itunes.com/crystalfighters you will not regret it. Check out the review of the album here. Their newest video for At Home, which has always been my favorite track of theirs and remains so after the album was released, should be released any day now. So....check out the videos and buy the album.



FOLLOW (This video is sick)






Crystal Fighters - Star of Love - Really Unweak/Stops Some Weakness I Didn't Think Could Be Stopped

Albums / Crystal Fighters - 10.11.10

crystal fighters star of love When I first heard Crystal Fighters, I pretty much thought they sucked. It was 2007, maybe early 2008, and there were just a few songs up on Myspace. I think I Love London was the first song I heard.....I just really could not get into it. It had way too much dancey unce unce unce, no melody - singing or otherwise - and....well that's it....there didn't seem to be any substance. I thought it was a gimmicky London anthem, picturing a euro club scene, rolling and tweaking, screaming I Love London in some lame spastic bliss. It was not my thing. I didn't listen to electro dance music, and I didn't like anything that unced. But I followed along and here it is, 2010, and I am really liking this album..... and I can now say I like something with unce....and that is a tough weakness to stop.

Though I Love London was the first track I heard and seemed to be their first song to catch on, Xstatic Truth was the first single. This song was different. There was some melody, albeit it sort of weird, and the spasticness of it didn't seem so bad. The weirdness of the melody was what made the track kind of cool. At this point I was still unsure of this band. The live show seemed to have tons of energy, but being in the US and not able to check them out, I only had a small amount of stuff on the internet to check out. I heard a streaming of a BBC show. It was great. There was live instrumentation. There was melody. Not everything had unce. It was all over the place and kind of cool - At Home and Plage were two songs I loved and looked forward to hearing on record. I Love London was the next single, but I didn't like this before, and I didn't pick this up when it came out. So onto In the Summer.....the review is on here somewhere....this was a sharp turn in the opposite direction from what had been released before, and it left a big question mark out there. This was poppy, uncey, full, less spastic and.....well, poppy. I had no idea where this band was going, and with an album release date announced at the same time as the release of this song, it got me interested - would this be a weird spastic album sans melody, a real pop uncey song, or a would it be more like At Home and Plage with more live instrumentation, melody and less unce? As we would soon find out, the answer, like the album, was tough to pinpoint and all over the place.

In July 2010, Graham from Crystal Fighters was State-side and we got him to bring a copy of the album over for a track by track listen. Graham was nervous. As most musicians know, when you write a song, you go through a big love/hate mental battle - do I love this, or do I think it is horribly lame? He was in the latter state of mind. Add on top that this was a collection of tracks, and not just any tracks but his debut album, and....you get the point. I would be tweaking about it too.

We sat back and let it play all the way through at top volume. At the end, I got my questions answered....sort of. This album wasn't the sparce and spastic dance stuff that the first two singles displayed, nor was it the real over the top, big sound pop of In the Summer. It was a mix of everything. These guys threw it all in there and made it work. The stranger tracks were offset nicely by the bigger pop tunes, and there were a handfull of tracks like Plage and At Home, which were a nice mix of both. I was very pleased after going through the album that day and have been listening pretty consistently ever since.

As I went through this album, I came to like I Love London, which I never thought I would. I Do This Everyday was another track that goes back a few years and I never liked....but this version slays. Changed my mind completely. I thought it was another spastic tweaking club track that was not my thing....but on the album version there is a real heavy guitar line in there that changes the dynamic big time. This is one of my favorite tunes on there now - check it out and listen to the that guitar track. What else haven't I talked about yet.....Champion Sound. This track was new to me that day when we listened with Graham. This is the only song on the album that was not produced by the band, and it kind of stuck out as such. It is a cool toned down number and I like it. That brings me to a good point - I think the band choosing to produce this on their own worked in their favor. It gives that lack of professionalism that makes a debut album awesome. More raw, less polished and perfect, and exciting. Had they brought in a big time producer, the pop songs could have been too big and uncey to the point of bad....and the weirder songs probably would have been made less weird. Overall the album would have just been bland. More polished maybe, but not better.

As I said before, the band threw everything in the mix here, and somehow made it cohesive and good. There are a lot of good melodies in here, most often in the breakdowns - think Follow, Xstatic Truth, At Home, Plage - and combined with the weirdness, it somehow makes the unce acceptable. You have heavy guitars at times, lots of spanish nylons and ukuleles, with heavey effects of course, and lots of percussion outside of your typical drumkit, such as bongos and wood blocks. All of this is thrown over synth madness.

So yeah, buy this album. If you put on a song like In the Summer and can't handle the unce, try out At Home or Plage. From there maybe throw on Champion Sound or Xstatic Truth. Then maybe Swallow or Follow. Work your way through and before you know it I think you too may like something with unce.

Here, I will help you. Click these to buy from - iTunes, Amazon, and HMV

Crystal Fighters - In the Summer - Not Weak

Songs - 7.29.10

Alright, so this single goes a little more pop than the previous singles, but I think it's great. I may not like it more than Xstatic Truth, but I think it beats out I Love London for sure. It also gets you wondering what the album will be like as it takes a pretty big turn from what's been released before. You can download the song on their website and buy the vinyl there too if you want it. Cool video too:


Crystal Fighters - New Album, New Single, New Website New Newness

News - 6.11.10

Alright, so there is a lot going on with the Crystal Fighters these days. They have an official website that doesn't take a long time to load like their myspace page, which is nice, and they are giving away free shit there. That free shit is a new single, In the Summer, which will be released in the summer - July 6th to be exact. Also on this website is a video preview for the song, and also an announcement that the band will release their debut album sometime in September. I read somewhere on ye ole internet that sometime is September 13th, but don't quote me on that. SO...go to their website and check this shit out. Oh yeah, the song is pretty sick too.


Have You Listened to This Yet? Crystal Fighters - At Home (Live at SXSW 2010) - Stops the Weakness

Song Review - 4.2.10

Crystal Fighters At HomeI posted this a while ago, and only had a link to their myspace page, and there was only a minute long clip of this song. Now you have the full track live at SXSW. There aren't many live clips of them, so this is cool to check out. These guys have a new album coming out soon too, so....get ready for that. I assume this will be on that, and the demo clip on their myspace page is sick. That was the best picture I could come up with too, so don't ask. Maybe pick up Xstatic Truth while you are at it though. It's a good track. Better than I Love London which I think is the biggest song, but I am not that huge a fan of.


Crystal Fighters - At Home - Stops the Weakness


crystal fighters myspaceAlright well, these guys played a few shows in NY back in November and I missed them. I was pissed. I wish I could get a full version of this song to link up to, because At Home is so fucking ill it is ridiculous. The best I can do is post their myspace page and tell you to listen to the At Home demo sample clip midway down in their songs. I love this tune. I came across a full version a little bit back that is no longer available, so I don't really know where to tell you to pick it up, but check out the song on their myspace and get ready for the new album, which should be out soon. In the meantime you can get their Xstatic Truth single as well as I Love London off iTunes. These songs are good, and these EPs have cool remixes, but At Home is what I am waiting for. I can't wait to hear the final studio version. In fact, I can't wait to hear this whole album. From checking out radio appearances here and there and other shit, I think it is going to be the illna. I am usually very anti just checking out some random myspace band, but for real check these guys out.

Can I say this one last time? Please just go listen to this song. You will love it unless your ears hate you.