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WORKOUT @ Glasslands on Cinco de Mayo (5/5/12) - Real Unweak

Shows - 5.9.12

Workout band business cards live at glasslands cinco de mayo brooklyn williamsburg  stop the weakness may 2012

workout band brooklyn williamsburg glasslands cinco de mayo 2012 stop the weaknessWorkout played a Cinco de Mayo show at Glasslands in Williamsburg/Brooklyn, one of our favorite venues in NY. Another awesome Workout show, what else is new. Well, they played a new song - Daddy Issues - which we failed to get video of but was really fucking awesome. Next time we will get video for sure.

So what else was new.....Workout was actually the first band on. Usually they headline, which means smaller bands play before them and they typically play to group comprised of mostly fans. This is good because they come on later in the evening and the crowd is ready to go and they get to play a longer set.

Now what are they negatives of going on first - well, a) it's early (8:30) so the crowd isn't as rowdy and b) their set is the shortest of the night (or at least not the longest). There seemed to be less of a turn out of fans for this, so combined with the early start time the crowd was extra motionless and quiet at the getgo. Doesn't matter because the pros weigh out the cons for sure.

Playing before larger bands at a place like Glasslands, where people often show up to watch all the bands including the ones they don't know, meant they played for a large crowd of new people....and they very much liked what they saw. Workout is a band whose live show picks up fans immediately without hearing anything previously. Not just like, oh that band was pretty good, or even, wow, I was surprised I should really check them out.....brand new people will go from standing motionless not really paying attention to practically singing along to songs they don't know and cheering etc as if they were the band they came to see. In some of the videos, you may even be able to hear people in the crowd talking about how awesome this band is, as this big group standing next to us wouldn't shut up about how awesome they were.

A funny quote I overheard from one of the guys was, "This guy's energy (Jack - lead singer) is permeating through the crowd"...lame but true.

workout band brooklyn business card glasslands cinco de mayo show stop the weakness




Workout @ Grand Victory 3/8/12 - STOPPED THE WEAKNESS

Shows - 3.28.12

What else is new - we went to a Workout show and thought it was the best. But honestly this one was like none other. This was a show that could only happen at a place like Grand Victory at this stage in a band's career. I say career because I think these guys will be huge. Well, scratch that, I think they should be huge (obviously), but with all the weak shit out there that people love, who knows what will happen. I think they will have a career and rabid following regardless though. I have never seen someone not love watching these guys play, whether it's their first time seeing them or their 50th.

This was one of those shows that you find on youtube of your favorite band when they were not well known and you wish more than anything that you could have been there. The stage is tiny (Grand Victory is the old Bruar Falls) and the band was in the audience more than on it. Guitars were being passed around, mics were being past around. There was Spinal Tap shredding on the floor complete with pick up from an audience member. And they played a lot of songs they don't play frequently.

These guys went to SXSW and opened for Tenacious D and I hear they were very well received. I spoke with a member of Crystal Fighters after their show in NY (will get that review/video up soon) and they saw a Workout show and said it was one of the tightest shows he's seen. Was blown away. Anyway, yeah, check out these videos (These Are The Years is most representative of the evening) and go see this band in this scenario while you can (you have a chance tomorrow night in Manhattan):




Workout - Brooklyn Bowl 1/8/12 - Unweak yet again

Shows - 1.9.12

workout band brooklyn at brooklyn bowl williamsburg unweak again january 8 2012

Went to see Workout again, and they were sweet again. This was a midnight show at Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday night and they played after the Stooges Brass Band, who came out with Workout and help them open their show with epic Chariots of Fire (see video). From there it was just a sick show. We say this all the time, but for real, this was the tightest we've seen the band. They played a ton of new songs as well, or at least ones that you can't find on their album....we just realized we never reviewed their album - it is one of the best albums to come out in 2011 - CLICK HERE TO BUY THE WORKOUT ALBUM. From there we will just leave you with some videos - enjoy:





Workout - Bottom Barrel Boys Music Video and Show at Mercury Lounge - Both Unweak

Shows - 10.12.11

Alright 2 things here: first we went to the music video premier for Bottom Barrel Boys by Workout at K&M in Williamsburg last Wednesday and second we went to see them the following evening at Mercury Lounge. Both were pretty unweak, though the video premier was probably more fun as I think people may have been hurting on Thursday from the night before. The crowd was smaller and more tame.

So here we go - if you have yet to watch the video for Bottom Barrel Boys, watch it now. The video is completely unweak and they played it twice back to back at the premier as everyone loved it. We were discussing afterward whether or not most people would like/get this band as we really think they should become huge. At the same time we can see how some people may not get the band. Is it a joke? And even if people get that it is serious in a Ween/Zappa way, will they care to listen to 70s epic rock songs? I really hope people get it and like it. I think the video should help show people what these guys are about but it could also fuel the joke band idea. The video is pretty hilarious but these guys aren't a joke. Bottom Barrel Boys is one of, if not the, best track on the album:

Bottom Barrel Boys from Workout on Vimeo.

Alright, so after saying how awesome the video is, we will say that the concert the following night was pretty sweet but also probably the most tame Workout show we've been to. They also only played from 10:15 to 10:50 or so. But those 35 mins were the sweetness. We took some video of Man of the Year so check that out. If you want to hear us ramble on about their awesomeness, just read the reviews below where we S their D's more than one publication ever should.


Workout - Music Hall of Williamsburg 7/8/11 - Unweak Per Usual

Shows - 7.15.11

workout band brooklyn at the music hall of williamsburg unweak again july 8 2011What haven't we said about Workout? We should really get a new writer to review these guys so you don't think we are full of shit. So, going with that mentality here are the thoughts of the handful of newcomers we brought to this show. My one friend had never heard a single song by the band, was going in completely blind, and came out floored, remarking how he felt like he knew all the songs because they rocked and were easy to get into. Another newcomer had gone to the boatshow (so I guess less of a newcomer) on our recommendation and came to this show and loved it just as much. She loves the stage presence and can't believe they aren't hugely popular. The stage antics/personality of the members are awesome and I think she left the first show with a crush on the lead singer/keyboardist. I think that crush was expanded upon this time through but I did t get into it with her. So yeah, there you have it, cold hard undeniable proof that these guys slay.

This show was a little different than others as they were opening the show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. I have seen them at bigger places for sure, but it felt a little more legit and cool in that sense. This also wasn't new to this show, but something I noticed - they were removed from the crowd, up on a big built up stage. They play Brooklyn Bowl a bunch which has a legit stage, but many times we've seen them where they are more or less eye level. Having them separated from the crowd is good because it gives everyone better site of the band, but also their larger than life antics (god that sounds lame) seem to be just that. Once again, these guys slay. Hope to see them keep growing and keep playing bigger places as they definitely deserve it. The one annoying thing was that the security wouldn't let me take video so I just have this one shitty clip of Crazy Mother Man because it is one of my favorite songs and I don't have a clip of it and had to record it. I love the line that says, "there were others in the corner, but none of them were Maiden fans". Not sure why, just awesome. Oh yeah, as you can see in the clip, there was this annoyingly wasted kid who was way too excited flailing all over the place and you were worried he was going to punch you in the face.


Workout Boat Show - Stopped Weakness

Shows / Workout - 6.14.11

workout boat show lady liberty statue of liberty stop the weaknessA little late, but oh well - this show stopped weakness all around. We have written up a bunch of Workout shows and they have never let us down, so I will keep this one brief and let the videos do the talking. Boat shows are very cool and one of the best ways to see a band if you get the chance. In case you don't know, a boat show is exactly what it sounds like - a show on a boat. The boat picks you up at 23rd St on the east side (@ the FDR for those of you that need more details), it cruises around the tip of Manhattan, you get to check out the Statue of Liberty and a bunch of other NY landmarks, and all the while the band of your choice, in this case Workout, rocks the night away. I have only been on one other boat show, and that was for Sound of Urchin and the boat left at midnight and got back at 3am. This time around the boat left at 7:30 and got back at 10:30 or so...needless to say, this was a little more tame, but everyone was there to rock, and rocking was done.

Though I'd seen Workout a bunch, this was the first time that I felt familiar with a good amount of their songs as opposed to just These Are The Years and I Wanna Die With You. Both of those songs were played, but I am starting to think that the other songs in their catalogue are just as strong if not stronger. Bottom Barrel Boys (video below) in particular slays. Now, I am going to immediately contradict myself and say that they also busted out 4 or 5 new tracks I don't think I'd ever heard before. I will post the setlist at the end but the new tracks were nicely bookended by familiar tracks. Another cool thing about a boat show is that the boats are small so you get to party with the band before and after their show. Some may be worried that you are stuck on a boat for 3 hours, and what if you want to leave and blah blah blah but...well, first off, quit being a pussy and suck it up - 3 hours is not that long and your time isn't that important, and secondly, and more importantly, it goes by quickly. Everyone on the boat wanted the show to keep going as we were pulling back into the dock. Alright, here is the set list, followed by a video of Bottom Barrel Boys, followed by a link to the Workout page where there are many more videos from the show:


1) Life is a Nightmareworkout boat show stop the weakness

2) Bottom Barrel Boys

3) Love Can Be So Difficult

4) Man of the Year

5) Party with a Weird Vibe

6) Katie

7) Are You Ready?

8) The Ballad of Freddy Fink

9) Bon Voyage

10) These are the Years

11) I Wanna Die With You


For the rest of the videos from the show see below:

Videos from the Boatshow

Videos/Shows - 5.25.11





New Workout Band Page Up, To Get You All Ready For Their Boatshow This Coming Friday - Get Your Tickets

Misc. News - 5.15.11

workout playing a rocksoff cruise friday may 20, 2011 get there and stop the weakness

Alright, readers that have been around here for a little know that we think Workout is where it's at, which means Workout is where it's at. They are the best band playing around the city these days. Huge hooks, over the top sound with prog metal guitar lines, insane drumming to pummel your dome, and it's all tied together with a Ween/Zappa humor that puts a huge smile on your face while not being a joke. I am always hesitant to include Zappa when referencing a band that works humor in without making the music a joke, because I hate Zappa's humor to the point where it ruins a lot of his music for me. His music is so sick too, that it is quite a shame. These guys are unweak. They are out there helping to stop the weakness every night.

Alright, I will include this video I found recently as it is one of the few out there that we have not already posted on the site. This song/video, while good, is just a very small snippet of their unweakness. Even if does not seem like something you would like, make sure to go to the new page we set up for them, read the reviews and watch the videos, and try to resist buying tickets for their boat show coming up. Oh F, lame, I totally forgot the main point of this post.....Workout are doing a Rocksoff show this Friday, May 20th, and it is going to be ill. For those of you that don't know what a boat show is, it is just what it sounds like, a show on a boat. Rocksoff is the company that runs them and they put on concerts on various sized cruise ships that cruise around Manhattan. I have only been on one before and it was for Sound of Urchin. That one went from midnight til 3am or something ridiculous and it was a blast. I don't know why I haven't been on one since and I really can't wait to see Workout in this environment. So awesome. The boat for the Workout show is leaving at a more manageable 7pm but it is taking off from the same spot at 23rd st on the east side. If you have ever driven by that area on the FDR at night and noticed these fluorescent palm trees by the water....that is the spot. So yeah, here is the link to purchase tickets, and see you there Friday night. Oh yeah, in case you haven't put two and two together, you can't show up fashionably late to a boat show as the boat will not be there when you arrive.....But I guess if you follow the boat from land and strain your ears so you can just barely hear the beautiful sounds of Workout and pure crowd bliss, the salty tears pouring down your face and into your mouth may actually help you believe you are there.

Oh yeah, here is that video I was talking about a little bit ago:


Nice Collection of Videos For this Wednesday Morning

Videos / Unweak Music - 1.26.11

Nice Workout video from Brooklyn Bowl.



Workout @ Bruar Falls 12/29/10 - Stopped Weakness Per Usual

Shows - 1.9.11

Workout Brooklyn Williamsburg Bruar Falls 12/29/10 stopped weakness

Took me a little while to finally get this up. I put the videos up on youtube the day after, but then new years hit, and I was sick as shit last week so....not much updating. Anyway, Workout slays and this show was no different. Bruar Falls is in Williamsburg and it is a long narrow bar/venue. Due to the shape of the place, it gets real loud when you crank it up. Therefore the band invited some of their quieter friends to play before them that night to really make a sharp contrast when they took the stage. We only saw one of the earlier bands, which was just a solo girl with an electric guitar....she was good and I wish we had come out a little earlier to see more of the earlier bands. Oh well, we went for Workout and that's what we saw.

going to workout in the snow bruar falls 12/29/10I don't have much else to say about these guys that hasn't already been written. They are animated and lively, their songs have a good amount of comedy in them, but they are not joke songs, and above all the just rock. Great hooks, great lead guitar lines, and great drumming. I highly recommend checking these guys out if you have not. The singing is a little too overpronounced or something at times making it seem like a joke but.....that is just searching for a fault or something. Really not that bad.

I don't have a setlist or anything, so I will just keep it at that. Another sweet show. I highly recommend seeing these guys live. They play a fair amount. Look them up on facebook or something and try to catch the next show they play, which will probably be in Williamsburg. Check out 2 sweet videos below:










Workout Video

Unweak Music - 1.5.11

Cool video with some live clips, interviews, etc. Check it out:


Workout - These are the Years - Extremely Not Weak

Song - 8.3.10

We love Workout around these parts, and I went searching for some Workout on Youtube earlier today. There are only a few videos and the majority of them are acoustic versions of them hanging out in Jack's living room (I think). They are both funny and awesome at the same time, which pretty much sums up the band anyway. Check it out for yourself:


Going to Workout @ Glasslands 6/23/10 - Stops the Weakness

Shows - 6.28.10

Going to WorkoutWorkout......what can I say about these guys besides the fact that they completely fucking slay. I think I can speak for everyone here at stop the weakness when I say that we all bow down at the altar that is Workout.

So.....a little background. I had heard a few tunes online, I was looking forward to going to see them, but I had somewhat of friend's-friend's band syndrome. you know where your friend says, oh check out my friend's band.....and you think, how good could they really be, and that thought comes solely from the fact that they are your friend's friend's band. making music myself, I am way more sympathetic to this than most people, but I still get it a little. so...I was looking forward to a good time, a good show, but I wasn't expecting to find a band that I would go see regularly and preach about....but I did.

The bands before them were exactly how I expected Workout to be.....good but nothing mindblowingly new. From the second Workout got up there, you could tell this was going to be something different. The guitarist had a Dimebag Darrell Flying V, which gets major points right there, and he starts wailing to Black Betty which the dj was spinning while they were getting ready. He was very animated and you could see the DJ was loving it and had an ear to ear grin. I did too and I don't think that grin left my face the whole time. I was told by someone that the guitar player does air guitar competitions. He is awesome. Each one of these guys are characters and ill at their instruments.

Workout GlasslandsNext the drummer sits down and does twirling of his drumsticks and stands up at his kit to count the songs in. With this band you basically have 4 frontman. Each one has the personality to carry an entire band on their back, but here they make up the whole band. Maybe this could be overkill if it were other people, but not here. Oh, and the drummer is fucking sick too. I heard he got asked to play for Wolfmother but turned it down to stick with Workout. ill.

What's the music like.....tough to describe. You have some prog metal Mastodon sounds here - mainly from the hard drumming and the guitar licks. Not riffs as much as lead lines that dominate the songs. But then you have the piano and the bass and....they round it out nicely making it not a metal band at all. It is a little humorous - Ween style ridiculousness rather than jokes sort of like Zappa.....I would say they are zappa-eque, but I hate Zappa's humor, and I liked what these guys brought. The lyrics are ridiculous, but not jokey where they take away from the music...they are just awesome.

I have said it before, but these guys work a crowd like none other. Everyone was into it - the crowd as much as the band. I don't want to say anymore because I feel like I will just cheese it up. I love that these guys live in NY and I can check them out all the time. You will be hearing a lot about these guys going forward, I can promise that.

Workout GlasslandsOh, also, let me take this moment to say how much I like Glasslands. Manhattan has no music scene. It really blows. It all bands that try way too hard and are way more about looks than music. The crowd is either nonexistent or filled with friends only. The brooklyn music scene is pretty good. There are a lot of good venues, a lot of good bands, and a lot of people who like music and like checking out new bands. It is not surprising that most all NY bands these days come out of Brooklyn.

Workout @ Pianos 5/1/10 - Some Weakness was Stopped

Show Review - 4.16.10

We are in the process of adding some additional writers here at stoptheweakness. Readers are always allowed to submit articles along with pictures and they may be posted, but we get a lot of emails so no guarantees. If we feel your weakness meter is in line with ours and you'd like to be involved, just let us know and we will see what's up. So, here we go with a new writer. This was sent in and I checked out the links and am thoroughly pissed I missed this show and didn't even know about this band. This combined with some other discussions with said author made us extend the offer to try him out as a contributing writer. Let's see how it goes. Next time hopefully we will get a picture of the author to go with the writing.workout band from brooklyn new york playing pianos in manhattan real unweak stop the weakness

Went and saw Workout last night at Pianos. I was pumped for the show because I'd seen them a couple times before and always had a good time, and last night was no exception - I've also become friends with the lead singer/keyboardest, Jack, who is one of the coolest dudes around, and its always fun to see a buddy on stage rocking. As an aside, Jacks old band, Sexually Transmitted Guitar, is the shit - heres their website - listen to them.

All that being said - dont think just because I know Jack and love STG I'm giving the show a thumbs up, because I'm not... Workout is sick - so so sick. They are the real deal - and they absolutely tore the roof off last night. It was the first time I had seen them and thought that they really pulled it together and came off sounding like total pros. They play long rocking ballads with hysterical lyrics, great guitar riffs that just explode and had everyone in the place in a sweat jumping up and down. There was a shirtless dude doing pushups in front of the stage most of the night, I hope he is at every show because it was one of the funniest things I'd seen in a long time. You can see him in one of my shitty cameraphone pictures flailing his arms so fast they are just blurrs. They came out with a new song Zappa-influenced-sounding song called Man of the Year that got things going at the exact right time last night. Check it out on their Facebook page.

workout band from brooklyn new york playing pianos in manhattan real unweak stop the weaknessI heard a good story at the bar before things got started, that I think might give you an idea of just how badass these guys are - the drummer was flown out to LA to audition for Wolfmother to go on summer tour with them and open for Kiss. He got the gig, but when they told him he was going to have to stay on and play with them full time - i.e. join Wolfmother - he told them he couldn't because he already had a band - so he bailed on the whole thing. Workout. They are playing brooklyn bowl in a couple weeks - I'll find the date and post it when I do. Go there, see them - you'll be happy you did. http://workoutboys.com/