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The GZA @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 6/14/12 - Stopped the Weakness

Shows - 6.22.12

the gza genius wu tang liquid swords live music hall of williamsburg live review unweak  williamsburg stop the weakness june 2012

the gza genius wu tang liquid swords live music hall of williamsburg live review unweak  williamsburg stop the weakness june 2012Liquid Fucking Swords. One of the best albums of all time. For real, up there with the best of them. I know what you're thinking....is Liquid Swords really the best Wu Tang album? and even if it is, is it that much better than 36 Chambers or Cuban Linx? does this mean that multiple Wu albums are in the Top 10 or 20 Best Albums ever? I'm not about to give a definitive answer on the best Wu album ever as I can never decide, but the answer to that last question is yes. Those 3 albums - Liquid Swords, 36 Chambers and Only Built for Cuban Linx - are pretty much all equal in my mind and all in the running for best albums ever. Up there with the Beatles and shit. So yes, this show, which was billed as GZA PERFORMS LIQUID SWORD (sic), was the fucking tops...and we'd seen it before. and this was better.

Back in 2008, right in the heart of the "bands playing their classic albums start to finish" era, I bought tickets to a GZA show....shortly thereafter a message was posted (or I just noticed) that The GZA would be playing all of Liquid Swords. Heaven fell to earth and landed right into the ticket clutched in my hand. And the show was just that. Heavenly. A sold out Irving Plaza packed to the brim with suburban white boys reciting every word Office Space style. Exactly what the GZA had in mind when he wrote the album I imagine....

When you mention to people that you have pit tickets to a Nine Inch Nails show or a Tool show or a Wu Tang show, you (or I at least) almost always get the concerned look followed by the "oh man, how intense/hardcore is that?" And the answer is always the same.....not at all. If it were still the early/mid '90s maybe things would be different, but it's not. The crowd is filled with aging rockers more prone to standing arms crossed doing the head bob, or white suburban kids going nuts as if they know from experience exactly what the GZA talking about. And no.....we are not pretending we're not a part of these groups. And I am not not using double negatives galore.

So what have I told you about this show so far....not a whole lot, so let's get down to it. First off, there was some false advertising here. The lights go down, Shogun Assassin kicks in and we hear....When I was little, my father was famous....and the crowd goes nuts....People said his brain was infected by devils...again, going nuts...That was the night everything changed...and the crowd starts going at the top of their lungs (once again, Office Space style) "When the Emcees came to live out the name...." though the GZA goes into Duel of the Iron Mic...and the crowd goes confused.

So yeah, while the GZA played most of Liquid Swords, unlike the 2008 show where he played it start to finish, he didn't do it in order nor did he play the whole thing. It didn't matter though because it was sick and he also treated us to a GZA rendering of Shimmy Shimmy Ya, C.R.E.A.M. and (I believe) a Ghostface tune though can't remember which at the moment. It was fucking awesome...and what pushed it over the top was the backing band, Grupo Fantasma.

My biggest issue with Wu shows is 1) the fact that they typically just spit one verse of a song, just long enough for you to get into it, and then stop, making the whole show seem like a giant medley and 2) the fact that they usually have no live instrumentation what so ever and it sounds like them rapping along to a tape in the boombox with the mix/volume of the vocals and music all fucked up and, I swear, sometimes you can even hear the vocals from the record bleeding through too. Both of these issues were nonexistent.

I was both excited and worried about there being a backing band - excited for the aforementioned reason and worried because I saw the GZA do Liquid Swords (the song) with Wavves on youtube...and it wasn't very good. Grupo Fantasma killed it though. Fucking awesome. They didn't play the songs exactly like they are on the record (the RZA freely admits in his Tao of the Wu book that prior to Wu Tang Forever his music theory skills were did not exist and therefore his songs were not really made to be played by an actual band) though the song Liquid Swords (see video) was pretty much spot on. Going in I was not positive the backing band would make the show better than the 2008 show, but it would at least make it interesting and that it did. Grupo Fantasma has awesome musicians - the percussion and guitars were sick and the horns were a perfect addition. The flow of the songs changed ever so slightly and, well, it was perfect. The perfect amount of being true to the original mixed with a new freshness.

There we go....filled in the gaps a little bit. Hopefully you now have a better idea of how and why the show was so awesome. If not.....well, watch the videos and be happy that I kept my mouth shut while shooting and you don't have to hear my whiteboy attempt at a rugged and raw Wu voice drowning out the GZA's.


We have uploaded Liquid Swords and Gold and hopefully will have Duel of the Iron Mic up before long if youtube would stop tweaking. This show was so awesome that we almost scalped tickets for the late show (he did two shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg that night). See this if it comes to your town. Oh yeah, the breakdown in the Liquid Swords video where he goes into the recording/writing of the song was fucking sick as it seems. Jealous. I know.

The Tao of the Wu and The Wu Tang Manual by The RZA - Stops the Weakness and Pretty Unweak

Legit Random/Books - 5.2.12

the tao of the wu and the wu tang manual by the rza book  reviews stop the weaknessThese books are fucking awesome. Well, The Wu Tang Manual is great, but The Tao of the Wu is what you wished The Wu Tang Manual was. The Manual is, well like an encyclopedia and the Tao of the Wu is more like The RZA's autobiography.

There has long been talk of this Wu Tang Manual but it finally came out in 2005. It is short blurbs about all things Wu, giving background on all aspects of Wu: short bios of the members, a Wu dictionary, background on films and how they work into the foundation of the group, religious beliefs, etc. While it is pretty cool, it is more something you just pick up and bounce around reading - you can read it straight through, but, well, it's like an encyclopedia and you don't need to. If you don't know much about Wu Tang, this is a great place to start, and if you do know, there is some new stuff here, or explanations of things you may not have known. It leaves something to be desired though.

That's where The Tao of the Wu comes in. This is more a straight autobiography, though not in straight chronological order, but more built around various principals of the RZA and the Wu and stories to support them. It is awesome. He tells great stories throughout his life and gets into the relationship of the group that, at least I thought, were previously unknown. From bouncing around during his childhood and growing up in the projects, to the 5 year dictatorship of bringing Wu Tang to the top, to the dark period/Bobby Digital phase that followed and finally back to his "enlightened" state.

The book is heavy on religion and could be seen as preachy which I thought would kind of sound ridiculous coming from the RZA. He is a musical genius, and I knew he was religious, but....I wasn't sure how it would sound coming from him - it doesn't sound preachy at all though and is very interesting. He knows his shit about, well, everything it seems. He references most all major religious books, seemingly with ease, and the stories he uses to reference his beliefs are very interesting. When he talks about ODB's death it is fucking sad. It is also pretty incredible how he built the group and his vision. Many familiar with the group know of the 5 year plan, but to hear him go through it in this book, how he had it all planned out and all the work he did to accomplish it....awesome.

Check this book out even if you don't like Wu Tang. There is something for everyone in here. Wu Tang is for the children.

Top 10 Songs of the Week by fakery - October 11, 2011

Unweak Music - 10.11.11

fakery selects top 10 tracks of july 28 2011 stop the weaknessAlright, so this isn't a top 10 list, but it fits, so we are putting it here. We went through the first round of Wu solo albums, took some notes, compared the tracklists/emcees etc to 36 Chambers and came up with a 36 Chambers pt 2, or 37 Chambers if you will. Return to the 36 Chambers was already taken and we weren't getting that creative, so take it as is. Also, these aren't necessarily the best tracks off the solo albums, just the ones that fit the theme the best...though they are some of the best for sure.

We are doing these through Spotify now, so...not sure if you will like that or not, but that is the way we are doing it. Getting all hip to technology. Here is the link with the track list below: LISTEN HERE






1) Guillotine (Swords) by Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

2) Raw Hide by ODB - Return to the 36 Chambers

3) Liquid Swords by the GZA - Liquid Swords

4) Wu Gambinos by Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

5) Can It All Be So Simple (Remix) by Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

6) Damage by ODB - Return to the 36 Chambers

7) Mr Sandman by Method Man - Tical

8) Duel of the Iron Mic by GZA - Liquid Swords

9) Method Man by Method Man - Tical

10)Winter Warz by Ghostface - Ironman

11) Knuckleheadz by Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

12) Assassination Day by Ghostface - Ironamn



Top 100 Wu Songs from Complex - Weak/Unweak, Interesting Nonetheless

Misc. / WU TANG - 9.29.11

top 100 wu songs from Complex stop the weaknessWu. If I had to select the top 10 rap albums ever, it would probably be littered with multiple Wu albums. This is list is.....interesting. Interesting because they go for deep cuts and include The Sun and the original Flowers from Bulletproof Wallets, but also interesting in where some of my favorite tracks fall. Some things really pissed me off, but at the end of the day it just goes to show how incredible the Wu catalogue is. Without further ado, check out the list HERE.

Wu Tang Killa Bees, We On the Swarm - Wu Belt - Unweak

Misc. - 9.8.11

wu tang needle point belt black yellow unweak stop the weakness

Jealous? I would be too. Especially if you remembered my Ween belt as well:

god ween satan needle point belt unweak stop the weakness

A God Ween Satan belt. What else could be cooler? Maybe a Wu belt? That is all in the eye of the beholder. Here, take a look at the Wu belt again:

wu tang killa bees belt stop the weakness needlepoint

It is so cool we have been thinking about opening these up so you all can order them. It all started a couple years ago when my mom kept asking me if she could make me a needle point belt. I had one already and it was kind of enough for me. She loves needle pointing though and would keep asking, so one day I had the idea of designing my own. Being the coolest mom around, she was more than happy to bring my dreams of a God Ween Satan belt to life. At the time I bought enough blank canvas to make 2 of them, the other to be a Slayer belt, but I dropped that idea for some reason. A couple years later, the Wu belt seemed like a much better idea.

I am sort of serious about getting these made for people, so shoot us an email (tweak at stoptheweakness.com) and let me know what you are thinking about, maybe some colors, and then we can take it from there. I will design it up, with input from you of course, and my mother will do the heavy lifting.

Here, watch GZA play Liquid Swords on some TV show:


The GZA Doing ALL of Liquid Swords and Rae and Ghost Doing ALL of Only Built For Cuban Linx at Rock the Bells - No Rap Could Stop Weakness More

Misc. News - WU - 6.2.11

cuban linx liquid swords live in concert rock the bells stops the weaknessThis may be old news, but while I posting the below article about Raekwon's mixtapes I remembered the other Wu related news I found out this weekend. Rock the Bells has The GZA and Raekwon/Ghostface doing all of Liquid Swords and Only Built For Cuban Linx, respectively, in their entirety. Yes, you heard correctly, you get to hear the two best Wu Tang solo albums, possibly the two best Wu Tang albums, and maybe even the two best rap albums ever live, start to finish, in one show. The two best rap albums ever call out is a little bold, and probably not true, but they are in the top 5 I would say for sure. This is going to be sick.

I saw the GZA do Liquid Swords at Irving Plaza a few years back and it was as awesome as it sounds. I have seen Raekwon, and Raekwon and Ghostface, do Cuban Linx tracks on a few occasions and they were the highlights of the shows. This promises to be incredible. Last year Wu Tang did all of 36 Chambers at Rock the Bells and I missed it like an asshole. The overall line-up may have been better last year, but it doesn't matter because this is the sweetest thing ever. Here, check out the line-up and dates HERE. This is coming to NY on September 3rd but it is going to the West coast (LA and SF) before that and Boston after that. Oh yeah, Nas is doing Illmatic and Cypress Hill is doing Black Sunday....and Cypress Hill live is actually a pretty damn good show.

Alright, to end this I am throwin the question out to you guys - which album do you prefer? Honestly, I have to go with Liquid Swords, though Cuban Linx is right up there. I am really torn and may have to say that Liquid Swords may be better than 36 Chambers. I know some may say that's blasphemy, but....well...it may be true for me. The classic Wu solo albums....well....36 Chambers is like a sampler of those. Put Tical, Cuban Linx, Liquid Swords and Ironman together...yeah, awesome. So, email your thoughts to tweak@stoptheweakness.com

2 New (sort of) Raekwon Albums and You Too Can Get Them For Free - Cocainism and Coke Up in da Dollar Bill - They Are Free, So of Course Unweak, but I'd Buy These

Albums - WU TANG - 6.2.11

raekwon mixtapes download cocainism coke up in da dollar bill review stop the weaknessI had been looking for Raekwon's Cocainsim Vol 2 for a while. I will admit, I didn't search high and low, but I didn't know if it was just a mixtape or if it would be released in stores/online or what. A little background, Cocainism was announced and released in 2010 shortly after Cuban Linx II came out. I asked around some stores, saw it written up online and looked there and....then kind of gave up and put on Wu Massacre and/or Cuban Linx II which I have yet to wear out.

Anyway, this weekend while most everyone was out having a good time I was on lock down in my apartment, so I would take breaks from thrilling practice tests and search ye olde internet...awesome memorial day. Anyway, I came across Raekwon's new website and....there it was - a bigger banner saying DOWNLOAD COCAINSIM VOL 2 FOR FREE. Wow. Right on his very own website. Right under my nose. Can't believe I missed it. Anyway, if you click through the rest of his albums, most bring you to iTunes to download the albums, except Coke Up in da Dollar Bill. That one you can download for free too. I didn't even know about Coke up in da Dollar Bill to tell you the truth, so it was like xmas. Didn't even know what to do with 2 new Raekwon albums. Awesome.

Now, I have been wanting Cocainism for a while, but from my experience, I like Coke Up in da Dollar Bill better. Now, maybe I just got lost in Cocainism, which is twice as long, as there are a bunch of tracks, which almost always means more bad songs....or at least more of a chance to get lost in the album. I usually don't review albums right away, but I am not sure how long these downloads will be up and....they're free. I mean...free Raekwon...why wouldn't you download them? Stupid not to, and from the looks of it, they will be very good. These albums are just normal Raekwon, which is to say awesome. While putting this together I have been listening I have been listening to Cocainism and I may just have to take back my comment. You know what, find out for yourself. Download them both and thank me later.

Oddly enough I am stuck on the title track of Coke Up in da Dollar Bill. It is a short kind of silly track, but I really like it. It is like that jazz standard that goes from drops a beat per measure each time and once it gets down to one beat, then goes the opposite way and adds a beat. Now, nowhere near as complicated, but I like how it is jarring and stops/restarts aburptly but then more is added on and it flows into a full verse. I mean, don't even try to figure out what I am trying to say and just listen to the tune below (sorry, this is the only version I can find on youtube):


And here is a pretty sick track from Cocainism, though not sure it is the best yet. In fact it probably isn't:



Ridiculous ODB Interview

Unweak Music / Wu Tang - 12.2.10

Here is John Norris interviewing ODB. It is absurd. I saw John Norris at Crif Dog once. Pretty sweet celebrity sighting.


Ghostface/Slick Rick - The Sun - Stops the Weakness

Songs - 7.29.10

This was supposed to be on Bulletproof Wallets, Ghost's 2001 album, but didn't make it due to sample clearance issues. Ghostface and Slick Rick together is something I like:


Doggystyle, 36 Chambers, Great Adventures of Slick Rick ALL IN THEIR ENTIRETY- Stops the Weakness

News - 6.18.10

one of my kindThis is unreal and tickets just went on sale the other day and still aren't sold out. Look at the title above, there is not much more to say. Snoop is doing Doggystyle, Wu Tang is doing 36 Chambers with ODB's first son stepping in for him, and Slick Rick doing his Great Adventures. I guess there is a little more to say, A Tribe Called Quest is doing Midnight Marauders, Rakim is doing Paid in Full and KRS-ONE is doing Criminal Minded. Check it out.

Wu Massacre - Not Weak

Album Review - 6.18.10

wu massacreAlright, I don't really know what is wrong with me. For some reason I always get all excited about Wu albums, then they come out and I am let down, usually to the point of thinking they suck, and then I love them. Every time I fall for this and don't realize the pattern. This happened with Cuban Linx II and most recently Wu Massacre.

I couldn't wait for this album to come out. It was right on the heels of Cuban Linx II and I was listening to that album non-stop. Well, when this album came out, I was let down. I kind of thought it sucked in fact. Seemed like Meth, Rae and Ghost just cashed in on this one. The production seemed almost worse than mixtape status and.....yeah, that sums it up. It just seemed sloppy.

Well, I take that back per usual. It may still be sloppy, but I like it. Maybe I just got used to it, but I like the verses and they top the rest of it. It's kind of odd because I really like Method Man here. That shouldn't really be odd, but I sort of started to dislike Method Man in recent years (since I couldn't get into Tical 2000)....so that's where that comes from. I loved his verse on the New Wu on Cuban Linx II, too. So I think Method Man is back in my good graces.

Songs, well, it tough because I just want to list the album off because I pretty much always just throw this on beginning to end - minus the stupid fucking skit. The only reason I can sort of handle listening to this skit is that it reminds me of the skit on the Method Man track off 36 Chambers. Otherwise - why are skits still put on albums? They got shitty and annoying right around 3Ft High and Rising. so...check out, Criminology 2.5, Meth vs Chef 2, Our Dreams and Smooth Sailing.....that should be a good start. Oh check out that Our Dreams clip, it is good. And yes, Our Dreams is the tune with a young Michael Jackson sampled chorus...not to mention Method Man throwing out a line about Martin and Gina which for some odd reason is my favorite on the album.

RZA To Produce Liquid Swords II

Albums/News - 5.11.10

It's a toss up for my favorite Wu album, but Liquid Swords definitely battles for the top spot. Therefore I am pretty excited about this announcement of Liquid Swords II coming out. It is supposedly produced all by the Rza, which again makes me happy, and should be out in fall of 2010. It took me a little while to get into Cuban Linx II but I really like that album these days and am expecting this to be the same way. The RZA tracks on Cuban Linx II are my favorite as well, so a fully RZA produced Liquid Swords II will hopefully be the tops.


New Albums - Wu Massacre, Them Crooked Vultures, She & Him, The Dead Weather

Album Review - 3.30.10

new albumsWhen I lived in Philadelphia, I used to go cd/record shopping pretty much once a week. It was part of my weekend routine to go over to AKA, which is still my all time favorite record store, and pick out a few new albums. I had a 45 mins commute to work, so I got a lot of music listening time. I now have a 5 mins walk to work, and that is the one thing I really miss. This is the first time in a while that I went on the release day to pick something up too (Wu Massacre). Anyway, I have given each one of these a quick spin, and I will give you my quick review of that with more to follow once I form a real opinion.

She & Him - Volume Two - If you haven't heard Volume One, go pick it up. The Zooey Deschanel factor is a good thing, if that is what is making you hesitant. Her voice and the songs she writes are great. Throw M Ward in the mix, and you really have something. That album was more cover heavy, but from a once through on this album, it seems like you are getting, as the title suggests, an extension of the first... and I mean that in a good way. Really looking forward to this. The first one was a very pleasant surprise.

The Dead Weather - Horehound - Ok, another Jack White project. I think I am one of the few who prefers the Raconteurs to the White Stripes, but I like the fuller sound and his voice mixed with Brendan Benson's. For some reason I didn't jump all over this, and I am not sure why. Maybe because i was a little let down by the second Raconteurs album. First listen - different direction from the Raconteurs and the White Stripes, and, it could go either way. More jam oriented actually, less straightforward rock, which is interesting. Spacey organ sounds, less structured, slower and nowhere near as poppy as Jack White can be. This could be very cool, but it will take some listens.

newThem Crooked Vultures - s/t - Alright, Dave Grohl + Josh Homme + John Paul Jones = well, exactly what you'd expect, Queens of the Stone Age rocking with a Nirvana/ Led Zeppelin rhythm section. Dave Grohl playing drums like he should and does, hard, pretty straight forward, and rocking. John Paul Jones adds very cool bluesy, walking, psychadelic basslines, which blend wonderfully with Josh Homme. I think I will really like this album.

Meth, Ghost, Rae - Wu Massacre - this is why I went to the record store today. And this is the biggest letdown of the group. I had high hopes, probably too high, but it seems like it was thrown together quickly in my bedroom. I don't know. I had a root canal today and not focusing 100% when I gave a listen to a few songs, and I am really hoping that's all it is. I will give this a lot of TLC and am hoping to come out liking it a lot. I think that is a possibility for sure too, as iI heard some cool verses and the lineup is awesome. Fingers crossed though people. I will be pissed if this ends up sucking. EDIT 3/31/10 - edit to say that I really jumped the gun on this and am not even sure what I was listening to last night. Not going to say I love this as I haven't gotten fully into it, but....it is getting way better.

On a side note, it just kind of works out that I picked up a collection of supergroup albums. These aren't all really supergroups, but they sort of are. Kind of funny/random. That brings me to the next challenge out there - what supergroups do you guys like? When you think supergroup, do you think of that as a positive or negative thing?

We are Assholes/Idiots:

Wu Massacre Release Party - Nokia Theater March 5th, 2010

Concert Review - 3.5.10

I have been to 3 (now 4) Wu related shows, and I have never seen them come on before 10pm. Usually I go and sit and stand and wait, and maybe get to listen to some shitty rapper in the meantime. Obviously the time we decide to beat the system and get there right as they are coming on, they had already been on for an hour. This happened to me once before with a NIN show. Tickets said 8pm, but I had seen NIN before, and who comes on at 8pm anyway....well, NIN did that night, and we saw 3 songs and then the encore. At least Trent played a 6 song encore. Well, on Friday night we got there at 10, had trouble getting in the door for some reason, and were inside at 10:15.....the person next to us said the show had been on for an hour. Fuck that. Obviously. Just my luck. And he said they already played 25 of their hits. This sucks, but this also shows why Wu shows suck a lot of the time - they don't play full songs. They spit a verse, two if you are lucky, and then stop and on to the next song. I get it if they are doing full Clan songs and don't want to sing the verses of non-present members, but even when I saw the full Clan in concert they did the same thing. It pissed me off more than anything. Just as you are getting into it, the song stops.

The only time I didn't see this happen was when I saw the GZA do all of Liquid Swords, and that was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Anyway....we saw about 45 mins of the show. I was pissed at myself and let down, but....had I just caught 20 more mins, I probably would have been satisfied. Anyyway, we got to see some good stuff, and I will post it later, but what I really wanted to see was some Cuban Linx stuff, and we didn't get one song. I also wanted to hear some stuff off Wu Massacre (and was secretly hoping they'd be selling the album early, but that didn't happen. I mean, I didn't really think it would, but...you can dream)....anyway, we caught no new songs either. Other people may have, and probably did, catch both Cuban Linx songs and Wu Massacre songs, but our late asses didn't. I know, we are idiots. So....I got video of Ain't Nothing to Fuck Wit, Bring da Ruckus, and Shimmy Shimmy Ya....that's right, they did a little tribute to ODB and spit a verse or two of Shimmy Shimmy Ya. It was cool. They also did C.R.E.A.M. and....well, then Ghostface's son came out and did a song, and Jim Jones came out for a song. I just quickly did a reading, and sure enough, they opened with stuff from Cuban Linx, which may possibly be the best Wu album ever. As I have said before, that is a very tough one, but it really may be. Only Liquid Swords and 36 Chambers come close in my mind....well, Supremem Clientele and Tical are close, but they aren't, in my book, in the running for best. Cuban Linx, though techinically a Raekwon solo album, is basically a Raekwon/Ghostface album. They are both on the album cover, and it states, featuring Ghostface aka Tony Starks right on the front....so I expected a lot of that, and sure enough, we missed Criminology, Incarcerated Scarfaces (personal favorite) and some others. Fuck me. Knew that would happen.

I mean, even though I knew that would happen, there was no way to prevent it. Had we shown up at 9, they wouldn't have come on til 11, so...we rolled the dice, and we got what we got. I was happy I saw what I saw and what can you do. I just saw Raekwon a few months ago (waited 3-4 hours for him to come out) so I wasn't all that upset. You win some, you lose some. I am pumped for Wu Massacre though, I can tell you that much. MARCH 30th. Get on it.

Oh, this was my first time at the Nokia Theater too. Not a bad spot. We weren't there for that long and there was nothing that special about it, so I don't have much to say. The backing music was too loud, not in an, ouchy owey my little ears are hurting me mom, type way, but it was just so loud it was distorting and cracking and shit. That wasn't the venues fault though, just something to point out. What was weird though, was that there were three levels basically. First off its downstairs, i.e. you walk in off the street and take stairs down to where the show is. Then you walk in and behind you there is a raised, almost stadium seating area, and then in front of you, between you and the stage, there is this lowered area. I couldn't tell if it was actually lowered, or if it was tables and people were sitting down. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the main level is basically the same level as the stage, but there is about 20 ft in between the stage and where you walk in that is lowered. Different, but I can't decide if it was annoying or not....I didn't try to enter that area, so I don't know whats up. Then there were small side balconies on either side, which I assume you needed a special pass to get up to. Again, didn't try. Overall it was a cool place to see a show. Nothing too exciting, but still cool.

rae ghost

Ghostface - Supreme Clientele - Stops the Weakness

To continue on with the Wu theme, I figured I would write about Surpeme Clientele, which has been dominating my listening recently. I want to also do a ranking of Wu albums at some point as well, and maybe even do a poll, because it is really a tough thing to decide in my opinion. Is Liquid Swords better than 36 Chambers? Bold, but maybe in my opinion. But what about Cuban Linx? or Tical? Return to the 36 Chambers? or even Ironman?......or...what about Surpeme Clientele?

Sticking with the trying to figure out which is best for a second, I think it speaks volumes that Supreme Clientele is in the running in my book... even though it comes years after the golden age of Wu with . It is awesome. This album actually slipped through the cracks for me. When Tical 200 came out...I could just never get into it, mainly because of the excessive and horribly stupid skits, and it kind of halted my desire for new Wu. Stupid on my part, this album is awesome. It is not RZA dominated, which is a bad thing in my book. I like RZA production in my Wu albums, because that is sort of what makes a Wu album in my book....but here it is great. It more than just works. This is one of those things where I could list most every song off the album as the best, but I won't. I really like the first two tunes, Nutmeg (w/RZA) and One, and also Buck 50 (w/Meth, Redman, Cappadonna and RZA production). I think my favorite tune may be Appollo Kids though, which has Raekwon on it. I wouldn't be surprised if they do this track on March 5th. It is awesome. Watch that video.

Really, this is in the running for being one of the best Wu albums out there. Most of you guys are probably rolling their eyes saying, no shit, what are you doing trying to tell me to check this out 10 years later, but...maybe you don't have this album, or maybe you just haven't busted it out for while, in which case you should break it out. I just found this on vinyl recently too which is another reason I am putting this on here. awesome

I also wanted to include the deleted scene from the first Iron Man movie when Ghostface aka Tony Starks cameo. Can't find it anywhere though. It is nothing special, but still kind

Wu Massacre Coming Soon as Well as a Ghostface/Raekwon Release Party Show

I wrote about this a little bit ago and for some reason it didn't click that the March 30th release date is right around the corner. Here is the wiki page again. It is Meth, Rae and Ghost, and the album is called Wu Massacre, not Three the Hard Way, as previously reported. The track listing is up, along with the producers of each track. This is going to be ill. I really hope I don't have my hopes up too much, but with tracks like Criminology 2.5 (presumeably a sequel to Criminology off of Cuban Linx) and Meth vs Chef Part II (sequel to Meth vs. Chef from Tical), it is hard not too get real excited. A little side note, Meth vs Chef was spawned from the 36 Chambers sessions. When the RZA was putting together the album he had each emcee battle it out for spots/verses on the album, and this is where Meth vs Chef was born. Watch that video for Meth vs Chef too, its really cool with scenes from the 36th Chamber of Shaolin going along with the music. Also, if you don't know Criminology, you really need to watch that link. One of the best songs off of one of the best Wu albums ever.

A show to present this album has also been announced - Friday March 5th at the Nokia Theater at 8PM. Method Man won't be there, but a show of Ghostface and Raekwon, who are all over eachothers albums, is good enough for me.

MZA, Who is That? Hey Yo The Wu is Back

wuI haven't heard this yet, but my sister asked me about a new Wu Tang album coming out today and sent me a few links. I guess its a follow up to the 2007 Mathematics album, and though it is a Wu Tang and Friends album, this one is heavily weighted with clan memebers. I haven't picked up many of the non-standard releases, but this is something I have to go get. Also, I came across this , which is a new album slated for March 30, 2010, with Raekwon, Ghostface and Meth teaming up. The previous link includes a song called Our Dreams if you want a little sample. There is also Meth vs Chef pt II out there as well. I am very much looking forward to this album. I love the track the New Wu off Cuban Linx II, and it includes one of the best verses (Meth) on the album. If that is any indication of what's to come I am pumped. The working title for the album is Three the Hardway and you can read a little more on this wiki page. Anyway, this is a lot of good news from the Wu, and, after being very happy with Cuban Linx II, I am very much looking forward to this one...or both of these I should say.

Only Built for Cuban Linx...pt II - Really Not Weak

wuok here is what I wrote about Only Built for Cuban Linx pt II during my first week of owning it. I love a lot of this album now, but I still think some of this stuff holds true. on the other hand, I love the first one and was really excited about this coming out, so...I think this was bound to fail initially due to high hopes....although....I usually don't like my favorite albums when I first get them....and there is good reason for that....because they sound different and new. if I really like something off the bat, unless its by a band I know, I am always weary of it. so....here is what I thought then:

not sure what I think of cuban linx II. haven't listened to it all the way through yet, and I will give it a proper shot (hopefully coming out loving it), but.....to use the movie comparison that the album itself uses.....its like the Die Hard Series and the new sequel. too much time has passed....sure, it has bruce willis, and the same general plot etc that makes a die hard movie...but it doesn't fit in next to the first three movies.....too much stuff is taken from recent new action movies. same here. sure, it has raekwon and ghost, and sure they have their wu gambino names and...I haven't listened to it much, but I am guessing it has the same sort of wu mafia theme, but....it just isn't the same as the first. first off, the first was all done by rza and he set it up perfectly with his sort of wu mafia sound. same beats he was using in 36 chambers on, but changed it up slightly and instead of the martial arts clips he added mafia movie clips....well...here it is all martial arts clips. almost like since raekwon got pissed at the rza over 8 diagrams, he resorted back to their oldest trick in the book the win him back...throw in the clanging swords. I don't know. everyones style has changed a lot too. the ghostface you here on this is way different than ghostface back on the original cuban linx.

not a bad thing, just different. everyone is older...and...i guess I wouldnt mind that as much if the music were more true to the original. if the feel of it were more true to the original....and I guess above all that is what ruined the new die hard....it had bruce willis and a few similarities, but in the end the feel was just completely different than all the others. in this album it has a lot of new hooks, a lot of guests, a lot more production....all things old wu albums didn't need to slay.

as for now? would I put it up there with the original, or any of the originals- liquid swords, tical, 36 chambers, etc? no. but....well, tracks 6 through 8 are incredible. I really like them. Gihad is my favorite I think. Also, the album flows with the original a lot better than I originally thought. Method Man's verse on New Wu is awesome. overall there are some great moments. Though, I do start the album at track 6 typically, which oddly enough is where the RZA comes in. so....I don't know. I like the Slick Rick song as well. oh, I saw Raekwon at the church in philly. it was....well, it was awesome because it was Raekwon at the church but it was annoying because it was in typical wu tang fashion where they will just spit one verse out and then stop. when raekwon first came out he did 3 36 chambers songs and did them all the way through with someone else doing the other members' verses, and that was awesome. I was then pumped for the show, because originally I didn't know what to think. When I saw wu tang a while back it was one verse and done, but I saw the gza do all of liquid swords, and he...well, he did the whole album....I was hoping for the later, but got the former, so I was a little let down. it was still pretty awesome though. maybe I will go into it more at another time