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Guns N Roses - Spaghetti Incident?!? Originals Revisited and Old Demos - One of the Most Unweak GnFnR Posts

Songs - 2.22.12

guns n roses spaghetti incident originals playlist in spotify stop the weakness very unweakAlright, we did this a little while back with youtube clips, but now that Spotify has become all hip and shit we decided to make it a Spotify playlist for all you spotify people out there.

For those of you that don't know, The Spaghetti Incident? is a collection of punk rock covers that Guns N Roses threw together after their Use Your Illusions albums. In fact, at one point Guns thought of making UYI 4 discs, one of which would have some punk covers on it. They abandoned the idea but had almost a full album worth of covers recorded from those sessions. Therefore they recorded a few more and released it as The Spaghetti Incident?

Say what you will about the GNR covers - we will fully admit that the GNR production doesn't go all that well with punk rock - but you can't deny the unweakness of the songs they chose to cover. So we did you a favor and compiled all the songs into a nice little playlist. You're welcome. CLICK HERE FOR THE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST. You should go ahead and follow us on there too as we do sweet playlists pretty often.



The track list is as follows:guns n roses concert poster demos post for 14 years civil war and don't damn me stop the weakness

1) Since I Don't Have You by The Skyliners

2) New Rose by the Damned

3) Down on the Farm by the UK Subs

4) Human Being by New York Dolls

5) Raw Power by The Stooges

6) Ain't It Fun by Dead Boys (both the original and GNR version are sick)

7) Buick Mackane by T Rex

8) Big Dumb Sex by Soundgarden

9) Hair of the Dog by Nazareth

10) Attitude by The Misfits

11) Black Leather by the Professionals (this is the only track we couldn't find the original to so we just included the GNR version for continuity reasons)

12) You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory by Johnny Thunders

13) I Don't Care About You by Fear

14) Look at Your Game, Girl by Charles Manson


Next up, one of our faithful readers sent us some demos of Civil War, Don't Damn Me, and 14 Years. All are sick songs, and most are very old songs. In fact, GNR used the UYI albums to clear out their backlog so they would be starting completely fresh on their next album....sadly there would be no new album from the original band (minus the aforementioned Spaghetti Incident?).

First up is Civil War which was the song that lead to Steven Adler being booted from the band as he couldn't play the drums because, as the band claims, he was too fucked up. Adler claims he was given meds for heroin withdrawal which made him horribly sick. Either way, it would be the last song he recorded with the band (after they spent many hours cutting up his many takes to come up with one they could use, and this was pre-computer editing, i.e. a huge fucking pain in the ass) and the only song he appears on on the UYI albums.


Don't Damn Me has even more taglines at the end than the released version, if you can believe that (smoke em if you got em, alright, that sucked). This song is so fucking underrated. It is awesome, even if a little cheesey.


14 Years - an Izzy Stradlin song where he takes lead vocals and an awesome tune at that. Unweak.


You are very welcome for us posting this awesome collection of GNR shit. We wish would could take credit for the youtube clips of the demos, but we can't....we can take credit for passing them along to you all in a nice package with a little bow. We are unweak

Guns N Roses - Coma - Most F-ing Unweak Ever

Songs - 2.15.12

Why this song isn't more popular, I will never know. They never really played it live either, and, though we here at STW are lucky enough to have the Live Era on vinyl which includes a bonus track of this song, most people haven't had a chance to hear it in all its glory. So f-ing unweak. The whole thing is incredible but the last 2-3 minutes are some of the best GNR ever. I think Don't Damn Me through Coma is one of the best runs on any album ever.

Who is going to Webster Hall tonight? We are. They have added Civil War to the setlist too. Sweet.


Soundgarden - All Your Lies - Unweakest Soundgarden Track

Songs - 12.15.11

From their pre-major label days, All Your Lies (off Ultramega OK) is maybe the best Soundgarden song....


Top 10 Songs of the Week by fakery - July 28, 2011

Songs / Top 10 / Videos- 7.28.11

fakery selects top 10 tracks of july 28 2011 stop the weaknessHere we go - these are some good...summer songs? I don't know if there is a theme here, or at least how to articulate the theme, but here are some STW fakery selected tracks of the week. To skip straight to the videos, click HERE.

1) Cold Brains by Beck - this song is from Mutations and is my favorite track off the album. Haven't listened to this in a while and its a great acoustic track. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

2) Idiots Rule by Jane's Addiction - this song is from Nothing's Shocking, which is the best Jane's album. Flea plays trumpet on this song, and while Had A Dad is probably my favorite track on the album, this song is underrated and the sweetness. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

3) 2:45 AM by Elliott Smith - this is off of Smith's Either/Or and is the first Elliott Smith song I was familiar with. In fact, Culking Smith and I covered this song in a band many moons ago and I actually didn't know who played it until years later. One of my favorites of his. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

4) Fight Test by The Flaming Lips - this song is from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. It is the opening track and a cool EP was released that included covers of Can't Get You Out of My Head (song made popular by Kylie Minogue), Beck's Golden Age, and some Radiohead track. There is also a song about Jack White which is a fun tune. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

5) The Wooden Song by Butthole Surfers - off of Independent Worm Saloon, this track is probably not what most non-fans think of when they think of the band. This band is the ill and this song is one of the best. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

6) Tearjerker by Red Hot Chili Peppers - this song is a tribute to Kurt Cobain is off of One Hot Minute which is the black sheep of the RHCP catalogue and I think wrongly so. The album is sick. This isn't the best track on the album, but I think it fits well with the other tracks on here. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

7) Trees Get Wheeled Away by Bright Eyes - this track was not on an album (until later included on the Noise Floor b-side compilation) because Oberst promised it to a friend for a movie soundtrack after he helped Bright Eyes get their first TV appearance. One of my all time favorite songs. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

8) Breakdown by Handsome Boy Modeling School (Jack Johnson) - originally a Jack Johnson song (I think), this (remix?) was included on the second Handsome Boy Modeling School album, which is a collection of tracks by Prince Paul and Dan the Automator with various singers/rappers. The first album may be better, but the second one is more poppy and pretty great as well. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

9) Chinese Firedrill by Mike Watt - Matt Watt's first album (1995), Ball Hog or Tugboat?, is a collection of tracks with Mike Watt playing with almost every popular alternative artist of the early 90s from the Beastie Boys to J Mascis. It also includes the first recorded tracks by the remaining members of Nirvana (Pat Smear included) post Kurt's death. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

10) Melt Your Heart by Jenny Lewis - an awesome track by Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. It melts hearts, not faces. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE SONG ON iTUNES.

New Culkin Smith Track Up - Dogs

Songs - 6.23.11

culkin smith dogs stop the weakness So we got this new Culkin Smith track up called Dogs. This song isn't new, just new to the site. Culkin Smith has been hiding a little bit, but fakery and Culkin Smith both grew up playing music together. In fact they pretty much learned how to play music together and have been getting together ever since to record. They do things on their own obviously too, and here is a Culkin Smith track we just dug up:

Dogs by Culkin Smith by stoptheweakness  

fakery - News on Album and Videos for Atlantic City and Monkeys on Newtown Radio

Songs - UPDATED 5.30.11

fakery new albums and videos from newtown radio show monkeys and a cover of bruce springsteen's atlantic city stop the weakness

UPDATED FOR NEW VIDEOS - $1k Credit, Twilight, Ease & Cookie, and 407 - So fakery is in the midst of recording what will hopefully be the first album released through the new stoptheweakness record label. The length and track list is uncertain, but many of the tracks will be selected from those played on the Newtown Radio show back on March 23, 2011. 2 tracks have been recorded already, both of which were played on the radio show and follow the acoustic format of the show, so it will be interesting to see if the album comes out primarily acoustic.

Anyway, we were digging through stuff on the computer and came across videos from the Newtown Radio show. We will get more up, and we only have about half to 2/3 of the songs on video, but for now we have Monkeys and a cover of Bruce Springsteen's Atlantic City.









Sorry, the following video for Twilight sucks, but figured any video is better than no video and we like the song a lot:



Most of the other songs from the show have been uploaded into Soundcloud and are available on the fakery page HERE. If you go to the main fakery page (HERE) you will find a bunch of other tracks. For some reason a lot of tunes have never been put up on the page but if you just dig around OUR MUSIC in general you will find a bunch of stuff.

Big Troubles - Freudian Slips - Forgotten Unweakness

Songs - 5.11.11

big troubles freudian slips unweak stop the weakness sweetness brooklynAlright, I forgot about this track, and it's a damn good track at that. About a year ago a friend of mine sent me this and they were playing shows all over Brooklyn seemingly multiple times a week. I kept putting off checking them out, bullshit kept coming up, and it was always, oh next time, next time, next time. Finally I just forgot about the band. This single was the only thing that was out, I couldn't get around to seeing them live and they drifted out of my mind. Anyway...for some reason I thought about them and remembered how awesome this song is. Also I found out their album, Worry is out. SO......check out this track, see if you like it, click on this link to go to the band's bandcamp page and listen to their full album......THEN....buy the album and quit being a sucker like me who hasn't bought it yet. The full album sounds pretty great so far I must say. I will purchase it soon and get it up on the site.

Alright, so yeah, here is Freudian Slips:

Big Troubles - Freudian Slips by Last Splash  

Oh yeah, these guys are playing a show at The Bell House in Brooklyn on May 20th so if I didn't have some force keeping me from seeing these guys, I would be there. May 20th is also the night of Workout doing their boatshow around NY. Click here to check out Workout if you have not already, but this will be epic and can't be missed. Big Troubles is right up there though, so.....go to one or the other - May 20th is a good night for music, that is one thing I know.

Greenskeepers – Lotion – An "Oldie" but Goody

Songs- 3.4.11

Silence of the Lambs was just on so remembered this little gem from Greenskeepers. It’s definitely one of the best songs ever adapted from a movie. Greenskeepers actually have a few good songs, which you can check out on their myspace page, but this one is an obvious first choice...


Love Inks - New Single, Blackeye - New Album, E.S.P - Seemingly Pretty Much Unweak to the Max

Songs/News - 3.2.11

love ink blackeye unweak e.s.p new album singleEarlier today we received a nice little package of new music, songs, press releases and the likes and we are pretty shocked by what we found. Well, I am at least. Though we mainly receive music/news from labels we like, I don't usually like all of what is sent. I never do in fact. Now, I haven't listened to all the music, but of the 3 bands I have checked out so far, I like all 3 of them. One of my favorites is the song Blackeye by Love Inks.

Blackeye is a single (coming out March 8th) from the new Love Inks album, E.S.P, which is coming out in May. At first I almost turned this song off. Seemed sort of cheesey pop. The song had barely even started so I kept going.....and it is pretty great. In fact, I like it so much it worries me. Usually when I really like something on the first go, I end up not crazy about it in the end. I don't hate it, but it just ends up being kind of bland. Sort of like, if you like it off the bat it's because it sounds like something you are used to, and therefore the track doesn't have much staying power or originality. This is not always the case though and I really don't think this will be the case here. Mainly because the pop tendencies are supposed to grab you. Poppy songs are kind of meant to be liked instantly. I have a feeling that I will be playing this a lot. I also can't wait to listen to the rest of the album. I will report back on how the full album sounds after I have had time to give it a good listen. Hopefully by then I will be able to confirm that this song is in fact extremely unweak. This is pop music at its best. Pop is not exactly the best way to say it, but this is really just the best parts of pop. Pop shouldn't have bad connotations but it sort of does. Enough defending the merits of pop music, this song is just catchy and good.

In the meantime, check out the song for yourself and see what you think. I will put the press release up after so you can get a little background info on the band.


LOVE INKS "Blackeye" by HellYes  

Alright, as stated here is the press release for these guys. I didn't know anything about Love Inks, so this gets you up to speed a little:

Austin, Texas three-piece Love Inks are set to surprise and seduce music fans and critics across the board this Spring, with the release of their debut album E.S.P. due May 10, 2011. Conceived and recorded with strict, direct motives, the sounds captured within the album's 10 tracks are simply an electric guitar, a bass guitar, an old drum machine, at special moments a Moog Satellite and, most importantly, the simple yet poignant vocals of Sherry LeBlanc.

The combined sound is minimalist dream-pop; imbued with raw emotion, sexuality, and splashes of electronic color. Focus is placed primarily on the voice, which is direct and honest and real - no frills, tears through extravagant side roads, or indulgent solos necessary.

Sherry however, is a firm believer in positivity. Her lyrics are never abusive or cynical:

“We are a family, and in some ways stronger because we are always supportive. The album reflects a time and place for everyone in the band. A time to pare down to what is necessary, essential. Cut out complexity, and you'll find a deeper layer that is thicker and stronger. Like the human body, you'll eventually end up at a nerve; once it's hit, that's when we know we're there, and that's when we press the record button.”

Self-recorded in their own home of Austin, Texas and mixed by a friend, the idea was to get the purest signals from all instruments and feed them through an 8-track reel-to-reel, immediately warming the sounds and weaving them all together. This process was drawn out on a piece of paper in schematics before recording with the concept being: The less digitized, the better. In March of 2010, Love Inks started the process with fifteen or more songs, and by June they were down to a solid ten.

The songs featured on E.S.P. were written to showcase the essence of emotion behind each instrument. It started as an exercise and became the only way to do it, forever. With the guitar and bass, Love Inks found there is a way to drop it perfectly into the song, in between everything, so that the vocals can exist in their own world, floating independently above the song.

Love Inks are set to tour the US later this Spring after completing the video for their upcoming single 'Blackeye' - a highly infectious, dreamy pop gem released digitally March 8, 2011. Keep watch for more updates on this Texan three-piece, including a selection of dates at this years' SXSW.

fakery Remix of Swallow by Crystal Fighters

Songs / Crystal Fighters - 1.31.11

Alright, well, a few months ago I got the tracks to do a remix of Swallow and....it is just finally done. Different than a normal remix, but I think it fits into the category still. Anyway, the original song is great, check it out below, and then check out the remix after. Email us your thoughts too.


Swallow Remix by fakery  

fakery - Collaborations - Pretty Unweak if I do Say So Myself

Song - 11.23.10

fakery lederhosen lucil krista muirThe Peaces remix below got me to go back and listen to some of the collaborations done in the past year or so.

Start Again by Krista Muir - First is Start Again, which was done this past summer with Lederhosen Lucil aka Krista Muir, and I really love this song. We are huge Lucil fans here at STW and contacted her about doing an interview for the site. Not only did she agree, but she said would do a collaboration to go along with the interview. And not only did she do that, but she wrote a new song for the project...and so we have Start Again. She laid down the vocals and organ and sent the tracks for fakery to finish it up, which he did with the help of TB on drums. As I said before, I love this track. I hope we didn't mess it up as the song is ill. Krista said she likes the way it turned out, so hopefully she wasn't just being nice. Either way, I hadn't listened to the track in a little bit and put it on last night and was really liking it....so I thought I'd throw it up here again. It is in the Our Music section, but some readers have said they find that difficult to navigate, or that the songs won't play on their machines.....so here it is through soundcloud which should work for everyone....hopefully. Oh yeah, one last bit - so shortly after we finished this track up, Krista came to NY to play some shows and she gave STW a shout out and played this song. It was just her solo with synth and it was pretty cool. She is awesome, extremely nice....and that is where this pic came from of us with her. If you don't listen to Lucil, you need to. For all our posts on her click here.

Start Again by fakery  

Twilight by fakery - So this is the track that the Peaces remix got me thinking of as it was done with a London based band, which is where Peaces resides....at least per the little known info we have in the bio below. I wrote this track about a year ago and was in discussion with a London group about taking the tracks and adding some parts. They were down, threw on some synths, and so we have the song below. Turns out their contracts weren't down with it though, so the collaboration went sans named collaborator. When we found out the collaborator couldn't be named, the song was kind of shelved in the state below.....which is actually pretty good if I do say so myself. I am pretty happy with it and think the added synth work really made it sweet. Anyway, there we go.

Twilight by fakery  


Peaces - Remix of South Pacific - Pretty Unweak

Song - 11.18.10

peaces south pacific remixHaven't done song reviews here in a little while as we have the videos page and have just been putting good songs up there. This song is pretty damn good though so I thought I'd do a little write up about it. Also, there is no video for it so we just have the track. What do we know about Peaces? Not a whole lot. What do we know about Is Tropical? same. What do we know about the their track South Pacific? same. Never even heard the original track actually and typically with a remix I need to know the original track to appreciate it.....but that is why I like this remix so much. It stands on its own without having to know the original.

So what is the little we do know about Peaces? From the facebook page we know that "Peaces is from a small beach, far away. Now living in London, he makes remixes in his climate controlled, sand floored, self powered studio, trying to recreate the elements that are responsible for the peace he remembers in his home land." The beach theme is all over this track. I really need to listen to the original because the song is called South Pacific and the band is called Is Tropical, so it is tough to know if Peaces added this beach sound or if it was already there. I am guessing it is a mix of both. Either way this track is pretty great and it looks like the remix is on the Kitsune release of the track.

Alright, I wanted to write this without listening to the original, but when looking up the Kitsune release I came across the track and gave it a listen. Peaces is pretty true to the original providing a stripped down version of the track. A lot of the beach feel is present in the original track, but Peaces really focuses on these elements and brings them out. Give them both a listen, I think I will be picking up the single release. The remix is below:

Is Tropical - South Pacific (Peaces Remix) by Peaces 

Workout - These are the Years - Extremely Not Weak

Song - 8.3.10

We love Workout around these parts, and I went searching for some Workout on Youtube earlier today. There are only a few videos and the majority of them are acoustic versions of them hanging out in Jack's living room (I think). They are both funny and awesome at the same time, which pretty much sums up the band anyway. Check it out for yourself:


New Bright Eyes Song, Coyote, and Reunited Desaperacidos @ Concert for Equality

Song/Show/Misc/Bright Eyes - 8.3.10

So last weekend Conor Oberst was busy at the Concert for Equality - a show in Nebraska protesting anti-immigration laws - putting on shows with two of his bands, Bright Eyes and Desaparecidos. This was a cool occasion as Bright Eyes has been basically been on hold the past few years while Oberst recorded and toured with the Mystic Valley Band and Monster of Folk, and Desaparecidos hasn't done anything steady, or at all really, since their sole album was released in 2002. It is also interesting on the Bright Eyes front as Oberst announced last year that the next Bright Eyes album will probably be the last.

In any case, you can check out the video below of a new Bright Eyes song written for the occasion/cause, as well as some videos of Desaparecidos. You have to suffer through some political rants, but it's protest concert, so this is expected, and the songs are pretty great, so it is worth it. I strongly dislike politics in my music, so no need to email us about it, just check out the songs. I would really like to see Desaparecidos some day.

Sadly this video is ruined by the crowd singing over the band:

A few annoying people singing along, but it's one of my favorites, so.....


Another favorite:


Crystal Fighters - In the Summer - Not Weak

Songs - 7.29.10

Alright, so this single goes a little more pop than the previous singles, but I think it's great. I may not like it more than Xstatic Truth, but I think it beats out I Love London for sure. It also gets you wondering what the album will be like as it takes a pretty big turn from what's been released before. You can download the song on their website and buy the vinyl there too if you want it. Cool video too:


Ghostface/Slick Rick - The Sun - Stops the Weakness

Songs/Wu Tang - 7.29.10

This was supposed to be on Bulletproof Wallets, Ghost's 2001 album, but didn't make it due to sample clearance issues. Ghostface and Slick Rick together is something I like:


LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yourself Clean - Stops the Weakness

Song Review - 6.15.10

Yeah, LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yourself Clean….it will blow your minddance yourself clean

Capgun Coup's Bobby Chops & The Do-Gooders - Stops the Weakness

Song Review - 5.5.10

This song is incredible. I can't believe it. I never get this excited about music I don't know. Before I go any further, just take a listen. You will be happy about it.

I was walking home from work yesterday and had my ipod on shuffle and this random song came on. There were multiple voices singing and they didn't sound good, but they caught my attention for sure. Sort of like a Lou Reed, Conor Oberst mix. In fact, I thought it may be Conor Oberst singing. I know 99% of the music on my ipod, and there are only a few compilation albums whose tracks I don't know. One of those is a Team Love compilation I was given at a Bright Eyes concert back in 2007. Team Love is Conor Oberst's label, so my first guess was that this track was off that compilation and my second was that maybe it was even him singing. As the song progressed I knew I was wrong about the singing, but it didn't matter. The vocals have that perfect badness. That reminds me of Nirvana Unplugged - if you watch the outtakes on the dvd, you hear Kurt ask someone - is my voice out of tune? And the guys response was, no moreso than normal. In rock music you don't have to be able to sing to have a perfect voice.

So....Capgun Coup, where does that leave us. I listened to this song 3 times in a row. It is 5 minutes long too. I just couldn't get enough really. I looked them up and they are from Omaha. This song has that alt country vibe to it, with a little more roughness than usual. If you check out the other songs they are in a different style but seem to have a general cohesiveness. We will find out about the rest, but for now, check this song out. I promise, it is completely awesome, please take a listen.


Krista L.L. Muir - Leave Alight (song) - Stops the Weakness

Song Review - 4.2.10

Listen to this song now. For real, before you read anymore, just click on that and start listening and then come back.

Ok, so I have been a big fan of Lederhosen Lucil for a while, and a couple years ago I saw she was doing an album under her own name, dropping the Lucil moniker, with mainly just her and her ukulele. I wanted to grab it bad because I love her voice, and love the idea of her voice with just a ukulele...but for some reason I delayed and only got the album a few months ago. Having purchased a lot of music recently, I didn't get to listening to the album a ton right away. To tell the truth, I still haven't given the album the full attention it deserves, thus I am holding off on a full review of it and just pointing right at this song. It is the title track from the album Leave Alight, and I just cant get enough of it.

There should be a lot of stuff coming up here on stoptheweakness regarding Krista/Lucil, so get ready for that. Maybe brush up on your Lucil knowledge and you do yourself a favor by getting Tales from the Pantry...wow. when going to her site to get the link to post, I noticed that she had an album out in 2008 that I never even knew about, Accidental Railways. Looks like I have some ordering to do as well.

leav alight
at home

Have You Listened to this Yet?

Crystal Fighters - At Home (Live at SXSW 2010) - Stops the Weakness

Song Review - 4.2.10

I posted this a while ago, and only had a link to their myspace page, and there was only a minute long clip of this song. Now you have the full track live at SXSW. There aren't many live clips of them, so this is cool to check out. These guys have a new album coming out soon too, so....get ready for that. I assume this will be on that, and the demo clip on their myspace page is sick. That was the best picture I could come up with too, so don't ask. Maybe pick up Xstatic Truth while you are at it though. It's a good track. Better than I Love London which I think is the biggest song, but I am not that huge a fan of.

WEEN Tender Situation/Birthday Boy

So as I am sitting listening to some of these Ween songs from the links below, someone told me they always thought Ween were a jamband and comparable to the Disco Biscuits. It made me sad. So it made me look up some more Ween. Here is one of my favorite Ween songs, Tender Situation...it is an awesome version too back from 1991 with Deaner singing. This is back when they were a duo playing to the DAT. This video makes me not sad. Really not sad.

I also decided to find a video of my favorite song ever, Ween or otherwise. Birthday Boy. This is the greatest song ever written.

And just to add some more, here is Mary Lou Lord singing Birthday Boy with Elloitt Smith playing the guitar. Sadly, there is no video of this but rather just some pictures of Elloitt Smith and Mary Lou Lord going by while the song plays. I wish Elloitt was singing on this, but what are you going to do.


Conor Oberst Show to Download and Unreleased Bright Eyes Download

Alright, so back at the end of 2007 Conor Oberst announced a few shows with a new band in Minneapolis. This band was thought to be what became Monsters of Folk, but turned out to be a completely different band, which ended up as the Mystic Valley Band. They released two albums (Conor Oberst and Outer South) and one EP that was only sold at shows. I think the first album, Conor Oberst, is one of, if not the best album he has released. Anyway, here is a link to download one of those shows. This contains basically the full first album as well as a few Bright Eyes songs, and Man Named Truth, which ended up on the Monsters of Folk album. The show is very intimate and the band doesn't even have a name at this point. Download it, its great.

Additionally, I am going to throw in a link for an unreleased Bright Eyes song. I think this came straight from the Bright Eyes website a while back, but honestly, I just came across these links in my email and totally forgot I had this second one. The Conor Oberst show I downloaded a long time ago, before the album even came out, so I am guessing this song is from back in 2008 as well. Anyway, enjoy. **ok, I take that back. I just did a search for this, and this was a pre-release to the Four Winds EP which was a pre-release to Cassadaga.



Sonic Youth - Winner's Blues

I love this song. It's not on Goo, but that is the only SY picture I have available. I put Experimental Jetset on yesterday for the first time in a long time and....well, as I said this song is awesome.

MZA, Who is That? Hey Yo The Wu is Back

I haven't heard this yet, but my sister asked me about a new Wu Tang album coming out today and sent me a few links. I guess its a follow up to the 2007 Mathematics album, and though it is a Wu Tang and Friends album, this one is heavily weighted with clan memebers. I haven't picked up many of the non-standard releases, but this is something I have to go get. Also, I came across this , which is a new album slated for March 30, 2010, with Raekwon, Ghostface and Meth teaming up. The previous link includes a song called Our Dreams if you want a little sample. There is also Meth vs Chef pt II out there as well. I am very much looking forward to this album. I love the track the New Wu off Cuban Linx II, and it includes one of the best verses (Meth) on the album. If that is any indication of what's to come I am pumped. The working title for the album is Three the Hardway and you can read a little more on this wiki page. Anyway, this is a lot of good news from the Wu, and, after being very happy with Cuban Linx II, I am very much looking forward to this one...or both of these I should say.

Wu is back

Rick Ross - Hustlin'

Who cares if this song is about 5 years old. who cares if this album was one of the more incredible let downs ever. who cares if rick ross was a corrections officer at a prison and his whole persona is fake. who cares if he never cut his heroin with steroids to strength up all his chickens. who cares if he never had heroin or chickens. this song is still awesome. I mean, maybe part of it is the nostalgia factor being that it is 5 years old. I was living in phila when this came out on some mix tape. my friend who likes hiphop a lot used to (maybe still does) drive into deep west philly to pick up all these mixtapes and one had Hustlin' on it. At first it was the most absurd song ever,....I mean, it still is....how do you think you can get away with writing a song where 90% of the rhymes are rhymed off the same word. I don't think that is technically even rhyming? well, ricky ross did, and he was right for some reason. it works and it is awesome. we used to blast this song late at night driving around philly looking like the guy in the intro of office space. but it was awesome. the song is absurd but so good. It just came on my ipod as I was walking home and it was the version from the mixtape...I don't know what is different than the album version, it may just be the mix, but for some reason I knew it was that version...so there is something. as I said, it could have just been nostalgia, but it made me laugh, put a smile on my face and made me happy. so...yeah, I am writing this. listen to it. also listen to the remix from the album with jay z and jeezy, because it is great too. don't listen to the rest of the album though because it will make you sad. I took this picture in the summer of 2006 to send to my friend because I was really looking forward to this album. while looking at it now, I kind of want to pretend that aug 8th means 8/8/10 and this album has yet to come out and is going to be the most awesome thing ever. then I also want to pretend my friend didn't destroy his car on the way home from a jay z show last year and we could be in it right now listening to this track. memories, memories.


Crystal Fighters - At Home

Alright well, these guys played a few shows in NY back in November and I missed them. I was pissed. I wish I could get a full version of this song to link up to, because At Home is so fucking ill it is ridiculous. The best I can do is post their myspace page and tell you to listen to the At Home demo sample clip midway down in their songs. I love this tune. I came across a full version a little bit back that is no longer available, so I don't really know where to tell you to pick it up, but check out the song on their myspace and get ready for the new album, which should be out soon. In the meantime you can get their Xstatic Truth single as well as I Love London off iTunes. These songs are good, and these EPs have cool remixes, but At Home is what I am waiting for. I can't wait to hear the final studio version. In fact, I can't wait to hear this whole album. From checking out radio appearances here and there and other shit, I think it is going to be the illna. I am usually very anti just checking out some random myspace band, but for real check these guys out.

Can I say this one last time? Please just go listen to this song. You will love it unless your ears hate you.


Listen to Lucil


That is in all caps on purpose because Lederhosen Lucil is awesome. Why she is unheard of (at least I have never heard of anyone who knows of her) and you can only get her albums at 2 stores in the US, Other Music in NY and another one out in SF, is beyond me. Her two albums are so good, it is unreal. They are weird electro pop, and Krista Muir takes on her alter ego of Lederhosen Lucil. The cd on the right is a copy of her first album (I think), Hosemusik, which my friend sent me back in 2002. My friend was in school in Montreal, which is where Krista Muir is from, and I am assuming that is how she came across her. At first I kind of dismissed the CD and didn't really listen to it. I was an idiot, because a few years later I found it and put it on and couldn't believe I neglected it for so long. I think my friend sent me a copy of Arcade Fire's cd, which had just come out, and Neutral Milk Hotel, so I went with those first as they were more accessible. Now, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is one of the best indie rock albums of all time, but I am going to make the statement that I may like Lucil more. Or least as much. They are just very different, so it is hard to make the comparison.

So after neglecting Lucil for a year or two, I put on Hosemusik and fell in love with Bioritzka, the second track. I really wish I could find a video of this track to link up to, but there is nothing on youtube. The rest of the album is great too, and it made me search out her second album, Tales from the Pantry. This album, though not containing Bioritzka, is better than the first. It barely has a bad moment on it. There are very few links on youtube, so click here to listen to Throwing Leaves. This song is great, and gives you a good idea of what you are getting yourself into.

Another thing that really made me like Lucil is when I came across this. That's right, Krista Muir covering Ween, It's Gonna Be Alright. So, a few years back Krista dropped the Lucil moniker and grabbed a ukulele and went out on tour solo with her Ukulele. Now, she recorded an album like this too called Leave Alright. Now....I am a little let down by this album right now but I haven't given it the attention it deserves, which is why it is not included in the picture to the left. It is more of a full band than just her with a uke which is why I am a little let down initially. Hopefully that will change, but I am going to hold off on reviewing it until I fully get into it.

Either way, LISTEN TO LUCIL, and buy it. She should get some money for these albums. They are great, and I would love to hear more from her, so suck it up and buy a cd. Get Tales from the Pantry, it is so awesome, and all of my friends that I play it for agree as well.


New Studio WEEN Track - DC Weekend

So before La Cucaracha came out Ween started playing a bunch of new tunes, DC Weekend, Leave Deaner Alone, Gener's Gone and a few others. Most of these tracks were great, even better than what was finally released, but for some reason weren't put on the album. I think Deaner said they had something like 60 left over tracks. DC Weekend was one of these tunes and it is awesome. Leave Deaner Alone was not one I am/was crazy about, but I was disappointed to see DC Weekend didn't make the cut. Well....here it is. They released it for The Right Track: Tunes to Target Cancer. You can only hear a very brief clip of it on the site, but download it. It's a great. If you don't believe me, you can go to youtube and look up a live version of it, but just take my word for it. It's for cancer too you fucking dicks, so just buy it and everyone wins. There is a Weezer tune on there as well, and a Buffalo Tom song...I haven't heard the Buffalo Tom name in quite some time. Maybe not since No Alternative.


DC Weekend





Reatarded Frances Farmer

No picture here because I just don't have time right now, but you can now listen to the late Jay Reatard's version of Nirvana's Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle here.. Check it out. It's pretty great. It in the the first posting on his page. Hopefully it won't be too hard to find for you.