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Morrison Hotel Gallery - Sex Pistols Photo/Unweak Xmas Gift Idea for Last Minute - Unweakis

Places/Random/Unweak Music - 12.22.11

sex pistols johnny rotten sid vicious airplane shot morrison hotel gallery stops the weaknessHaven't been to the Morrison Hotel Gallery in quite some time, but we did a little early Xmas celebration tonight and I was given this fucking awesome picture of the Sex Pistols. I saw this picture a couple years ago, and while most all the photos at the Morrison Hotel Gallery are incredible, this is the one that always stood out in my mind. It is sweet. The girl in the picture cracks me up.


Anyway, as I said, they have incredible stuff at the Morrison Hotel Gallery and since you won't want to copy me you should go down there and find your own photo. These pictures are the perfect Xmas gift because they are something you (if you are a music fan/not a loser).

So yeah, if you are too lazy to go down to the shop in person, or just to browse beforehand so you know I am not full of shit, here is the WEBSITE. Check it out, get into it and all that jazz and thank me later.

5Pointz and 360 iPhone App - Unweak

Places/Random - 12.6.11

5 pointz long island city stop the weaknessAlright, so 5pointz has been around forever and I am sure many people will be too cool for school, but we just made it out to 5Pointz for the first time this past weekend. And it was sweet. For those of you that don't know, 5Pointz is one of the largest outdoor graffiti parks, the "Graffiti Mecca" if you will, as their website (http://5ptz.com/graff/) puts it. It's located in Long Island City, Queens, and you can see it from the BQE and the 7 train.

The place is forever changing, and inside studios are rented out to various artists. It is really amazing all the work here, but also odd how frequently things are painted over etc. If you go to the PHOTOS PAGE you can see many more photos, but if you go to the website you can arrange tours of the place and I think we may have to set one of those up. A few things to point out - first off you better go quick if you haven't yet as there are plans to turn the building into condos, and also, the famous fire escape, which was right where the 5POINTZ is written in the above picture, collapsed a couple years back. I have seen pictures of 5Pointz before but had never been, so I was looking all over for this fire escape only to leave thinking we missed a big part.

5pointz panorama from the rear of the building stop the weakness

Lastly, the panoramics in this post were taken with a cool iPhone App called 360 Panorama. It is sweet. I am not big into iPhone Apps, so for it to be included here means it is either a) very sweet, or b) equivalent of my dad telling me how wild technology is these days and asking if I know how to "do the texting". Here is THE LINK for that app. enjoy.

panorama manhattan from queens


Coney Island – Sir, I Ordered the Amusement Park, Not the Anxiety Attack!

Places - 4.6.11

Coney IslandSince things are starting to heat up here in NY, I thought I would revisit an amazing experience I had last year with a friend of mine who had the brilliant idea to go to Coney Island to check out Luna Park after its highly publicized reopening. Not to sound insensitive or pompous, but what a fucking shit-hole. When you go to an amusement park (lock your doors if you go to this one), you generally try to pick ones where words like ‘sketch’, ‘depressing’ and ‘just try not to make eye contact” best describe the feeling you have. The thing that really pissed me off about the whole thing was we went because we both saw all these news stories about how great the new park would be after its facelift. Lies Lies Lies!

Obviously there are serious socio-economic issues that need to be addressed here (i.e. Coney Island is a fucking ghetto), but that’s not what I do, that’s why I pay taxes, I was there for an amusement park and the ghetto-factor just kind of overwhelmed everything. Combine that with greasy food and garbage as far as the eye-can-see (I mean garbage fucking EVERYWHERE), and you’ve got yourself one hell of a diarrhea bowl.

Coney IslandAs for the actual amusement park, it’s safe to say it doesn’t offer too much in the way of rides/fun either. I would compare it to a generic traveling carnival, minus the Cyclone and this airplane ride that flips you. We skipped the aquarium and the baseball game, both of which would have been better choices if you’re going head out there. I’m sure I would be singing a different tune if I was five, but I’m not, so…

UBIQ - Not Weak

Places- 4.28.10

UBIQ is a pretty cool sneaker shop. It has changed a lot over the years and they really did up the inside a few years back and opened up multi levels. Anyway, the other levels are closed not to private parties, so it is back to one, but it is still a cool place. They have an awesome selection of vans, and somehow they have lucked out and get SBs in. Nike originally didn't know how to market the SBs as they didn't have a big share of the skateboarding market, so they opened up the shoes to everyone. Then the skateboarding crowd picked up on it and they changed it so only skate shops could get SBs. Anyway, UBIQ was in there before that happened and Nike never took away their SB allowance. It is pretty sweet. I mean, the only way for these stores to get better than UBIQ is to go consignment or sell used sneakers, like Flight Club. Otherwise, I think UBIQ is right up there. I like the people that work in there too. Flight Club people can be annoying for the most part, but the UBIQ people are always down to shoot the shit.


And Still - Not Weak

Places & Stuff - 4.2.10

When I was in LA last weekend I went by this place, And Still. I know shit about LA, so when I say it's located at 144 S. La Brea Ave...maybe that means something to someone, so I will say it. Basically its a physical ebay location filled with 90s vintage gear. Some stuff was ridiculously priced, others not. There was an NWA shirt I really wanted, but it was $150, so I had to pass, but I did get a 90210 shirt for $35. That was awesome. It is heavily sports weighted, so you get a lot of the big head sports tshirts, which are awesome. Bo Jackson gear, Andre Agassi windbreakers, starter jackets, and an awesome collection of 80s and 90s Jordan gear. There was a red shirt there with the original Jordan logo on it. I wanted it so bad. Like the NWA shirt, it was $150 though. I had my 90210 shirt though, so I was happy. Check this place out though if you are into that thing and in LA. Next door is Undefeated, so you can cruise in there for a second and look at some shoes, and Flight Club LA is not far away. I had never been to the LA store, so I went to check it out. I like the NY ones better, but it was not much different. Way more Vans, some different prices on different shoes out there, but overall, pretty much the same. Ahh...the worst part. A few doors down from And Still there was a sunglass shop my friend who brought me said I would love. I did. They had an incredible collection of vintage sunglasses. They had the ones I had on my head, which were rare and took me a while to find at a decent price, so I asked her straight off how much she was selling them for....$1,400. Basically, take what I bought them for, add a zero and then some. All the pairs were like that. It was so depressing. Another pair that I got for $100-200 were listed for $695. Sucked because they had such an awesome collection, but not only was nothing reasonably priced...nothing was even close. basically, it was good to look around and then hit ebay.

Brooklyn Bowl

We went to brooklyn bowl for my birthday. I have been going there a lot recently, but I love it and keep wanting to go back. And I just sort of get obsessive about stuff I like. Anyway, my friend knows the owner and when he told me about it opening up, I was a little skeptical. The bowling/music combo just seemed kind of weird, but it actually works very well. When we were there for Dinosaur Jr, I actually wish we had bowled because the lanes have the best view of the stage as they are raised up above the floor and are stage level.

I guess my one criticism is that they could have more lanes. You can't reserve lanes and they fill up quickly and you can end up waiting for a while. Now, on the other hand, it is awesome because it is not just a bowling alley, so it is fun while you wait. I didn't expect that many people to come over as most of my friends live in Manhattan but a bunch showed up (over 30 probably), which speaks to another positive thing - it is easy to get to, short walk from the Bedford stop. So with a bunch of people there, some can bowl if they want, and others can hang out and still have fun, unlike a normal bowling alley. They have a good beer selection and I think they always have some sort of cool music thing going on, not just some rock and bowl bullshit with black lights and shitty music. Questlove has been dj'ing every thurs for a little bit and may still be doing it, so we had that going on that night, which was awesome. Actually, we ended up waiting so long for a lane and were having a good time, so by the time the lane opened up, we just bailed on bowling.

Basically this place is just a lot of fun. Its a cool, huge open space and has bowling, music and good beer....really just all around awesome. I think I am going to be spending a lot more time here in the future. Check out there schedule as they have a lot of cool stuff, but it is pretty much a good place to go anytime. Bowling is cheap for the city too, $40 per lane per hour.

Shooting Shit (Orvis Sandanona shooting range)

With mediocre coordination, a non-existant attention span and affinity for serious injury, I am probably the last person who should be shooting a gun. This made it that much more awesome when I went to the Orvis Sandanona shooting grounds in Milbrook, NY last weekend and they just handed me a 12-guage shot gun to shoot some shoot some shit. They literally just handed me the thing over the counter and assumed I was well versed in the rules of gun safety (wrong!) and sent me on my way. Luckily, my sister finally asked how to shoot a gun and we got a brief lesson. Regardless, I think on the about the fourth place we stopped I managed to accidentally hit the trigger and fired about 10ft wide of our instructor, Tim, who admitted he had been shot multiple times. Also a good place to go if you've never shot a gun.

Anyway, this place is well worth the trip if your looking for something different do. I guess Esquire magazine listed it as one of the top 10 courses in the United States for clay shooting. It has a 30-stand sporting clays course that all differ from one to the next. It was a little pricey if you're strapped for cash, but seriously fun group activity, perfect for a day trip. I would definitely request Tim for guide if you can, I almost shot the guy and he was still nice about it, if that says anything.

Lost in the Woods (Ward Pound Ridge Reservation)

Last weekend, while hiking at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY, I stumbled upon this little gem. After walking about three miles into the woods and then climbing through a kind of shady ravine, I came across this note from some tard who managed to get lost enough for the park to send out a search party. Just wanted to say nice work to our friend...way to get lost on a marked trail!

Anyway, I would strongly recommend checking this place out if you haven't. It's the largest park in Westchester County and has a lot of cool stuff look at. Stoners and day-trppers rejoice, awesome place to spend the day or camp if you're looking to make a weekend out of it. The place has a decent amount of vertical, lots of caves and is over 4,000 acres, so you can say you actually went hiking, not just walking in the woods. They also have nice camping sites with decent size shelters and grills if you're looking to do a camping trip with a group. Another nice feature, besides it being easy to get to and close to the city, is they stock the stream that goes through the park with trout. If you're into fishing, it connects to a series of lakes that have some pretty decent size Lake Trout. A ton of people were ice fishing as well, so place is fun to go Winter, Spring, Fall or Summer. Anyway, if you're looking to get out of city, place is definitely the trip.