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The below links go to articles, vidoes, websites that we deemed interesting/shocking/cool/funny/weird enough to take the time to check out. If you come across anything worth checking out, please send the link to tweak@stoptheweakness.com.

7/19/11 - 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Nevermind - Sweet

7/19/11 - Prince spends billions on the most ridiculous stuff ever and then sues his lawyers, claiming they ripped him off. This is a very good read. Long but good.


Dave Dreiwitz of Ween talking about smelly faux hippies

Nasty, 70% of the cocaine in LA is cut with shit that rots faces off

Nevermind gets a superduper 4CD - 1DVD deluxe edition 20 anniversary release

J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr Talking with Guitar World About Playing all of Bug

Hard not to like this one...get it?

Drifting apart: Amazing underwater photos that show the growing gap between two tectonic plates

Pink Floyd release schedule - studio albums newly remastered,unreleased music and collectors' box sets.

Dean Ween talks fishing on MTV

The Sharks are already back: Great White off Martha's Vinyard

Awesome statues from the future from the former Yugoslavia

Sharks are beiing Trained to eat Lionfish in the Caribbean

Kid from Middlesex is king of a New York-based weed empire

t’s Not Too Often You Get to Use “Heroin” and “Vagina” in the Same Sentence – Thank God for this Chick (3/30/11)

Surfer rides wave for an astonishing 41.3 miles in Panama Canal (3/30/11)

Drought Expected in NY Area - 16 people arressted, 8,000 pot plants worth $8 million seized (3/30/11)

Owsley Stanley, Artisan of Acid, Is Dead at 76 – NY Times (3/30/11)

Gotta Love Babes – fuckyeah long skinny legs (3/30/11)

That's My Jam - Music Blog with a Good Variety of Songs. No Writing All Songs.

Doommantia.com - Very Cool Metal Blog - Tons of New Music, Bands, Reviews etc.

Drum Kit Website, Coolest Website Ever, Stops the Weakness

The 15 Most Common Ways Girls Try to Look Hooter on Facebook

Master of the Horseshoe: The Greatest Athlete on Earth?

Only in Texas: Deep Fried Beer

Mystery of the Deep: The Blue-hole Caverns in the Bahamas

What's Better Than Snakes...Poison Filled Mice Obviously

Video: Reporter Gets Slammed in Halfpipe

Poacher Killed by Great White while Fishing Illegally...Nice Work!!

Goats are sketch: Goat Kills Hiker in Olympic National Park

Cool Pics: Alpine Ibex Chillin on a Dam

134 Tons of Weed Burning in Mexico


50Cool Graffiti Article

Wingsuit Flying Guy

Inside the Nitrous Mafia, an East Coast Hippie-Crack Ring (Village Voice)

Collection of Subway Pictures from the Late 70s Early 80s

Camera on a Flying Falcon and Hawk - Pretty Sweet

Research Shows Bankers are Switching from Coke to Weed

Beer Evey Mile Half Marathon