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Dean Ween's Sunday Sauce

Food / WEEN - 12.1.11

Alright, so not sure why this makes me think of the holiday season but we figured this would be a good post. A few years back Dean Ween posted his recipe for his Sunday Sauce on the Ween website and everyone seemed to love it, so has left it permanently up on this site: http://www.chocodog.com/chocodog/sauce2.htm

Everything below comes from Dean Ween and is not our own - pics, etc. Enjoy. Oh and thanks to Deaner, he treats his fans like none other

dean weens sunday sauce stop the weaknessI have really mixed feelings about posting this because there’s an unspoken code in my family regarding recipes. Basically, you never tell anyone the whole truth when it comes to cooking because the best meals are improvised and you couldn’t tell it on paper anyway. You have to adjust on the fly, using your senses—your eyes, your nose, your experience, and most importantly your mouth. If it looks and tastes fucked up then it is fucked up. Basically, if you don’t know what good food tastes like, you will be throwing darts when you try and cook. This recipe is for your basic “Sunday sauce”, it takes a whole Sunday afternoon to cook it. I’m a proud Italian-American and if I ate macaroni and meatballs 3 times a week I would die fat and happy, but satisfied. When given the choice I will always eat Italian food before anything else. My good friend Jim Woolsey says it the best, “the French talk about food but the Italians know how to eat.” If you’ve ever been to Italy then you know what I’m talkin’ about. Italian/American cooking is it’s own thing, different than the food in Italy, but I’m a bastard and I can only tell you what I grew up with. I come from a large Italian family in New Jersey and they all claim that I make the best macaroni and meatballs and I’m gonna show you how to do it right here. This was taught to me by all my relatives but I’ve added my own tasters along the way; I’ve cooked this meal one hundred times for my family and it’s always what I crave when I’m truly hungry. This is a step by step pictorial guide that I made on 12/16/07 for my wife, son, and parents. I cook for my folks and my sisters once a month and it’s the most rewarding thing in the world. All the little things I mention here are important for a successful meal, the difference between a great dinner and a passable one, so don’t skip the little shit in this tutorial and it will reward you in the end.


Pasta is pasta right? WRONG! I like spaghetti and clams. I don’t eat spaghetti with meatballs. I like tortellini Bolognese but I like Rigatoni with Carbonara sauce. Marinara sauce is something that I’ll only eat on mussels. I like fusili with garlic and oil. There’s a reason that pasta comes in so many shapes, and it’s not to accommodate your fork or for your kid to play with. When it comes to the most standard meal (pasta and meatballs) I will only eat macaroni. That’s penne rigate or rigatoni by my definition. If I cook spaghetti it’s usually with shredded chicken or seafood or (my fave of all) white clam sauce. This is about my regular family Sunday meal though, which from heretofore-unce on will be called macaroni with meatballs. Pencil points we call them.


Time is a bitch, it’s really true. You can’t make this meal in less than 4 hours. If you do it enough you will learn how to force it in 3 hours, but no less. If you try and tell lies or rush this then it won’t taste as good. Good food takes time, and it’s not just a cliché. Relax and enjoy the experience, get drunk on wine while you’re cooking—it’s acceptable when you cook this.

Your ingredients

I’m already tired of typing this. You’re gonna fuck this up anyway. You have to go to the supermarket and buy the following: (this recipe is designed for 7 people so adjust accordingly, freeze the sauce and meatballs you don’t eat for another day)

4 lbs of ground beef/veal/pork (if you’re lucky enough to have a butcher in your hometown have him grind it from cutlets, if not then buy it in the plastic packs) some pork chops (bone in) 2 lbs. of penne rigate 1 gigantic yellow onion 1 head of garlic 1 fresh batch of basil 1 batch Fresh parsley An egg 1 long ring of hot Italian sausage 4 slices of bread ( I use any kind of white bread) Milk pecorino/romano cheese (don’t skip on this one, buy the best cheese you can get and either grate it or spend extra for the good shit already grated) extra virgin olive oil dry white wine (I just use holland house cooking wine, available anywhere) 3 big (29 oz.) cans of tomato sauce (depending on what texture you like—I like regular, already pureed sauce for this recipe) 4 bottles of wine. A loaf of fresh Italian bread, and get some butter too.

deaner sunday sauce

Go Time Alright.

You have a big pile of groceries on the counter. It’s 1pm and dinner is at 6. Relax. Pour yourself a glass of red wine and commence drinking. Sharpen your knife, the big one. Dice the big onion into bits. Take 5 cloves of the garlic and dice that too. Chop the basil up, all of it. Put the beef/v/p/ into a big ass bowl and add salt, pepper, a little bit of oregano, ½ cup of the cheese, and one raw egg. Take 4 slices of the white bread and put it into a cereal bowl and fill it with milk. This is key. Bread crumbs are bullshit in meatballs, this is our substitute. This is what will make your meatballs excellent. Sautee ½ of your onion, ½ of your garlic, and one half of the basil in 2 tblsps of oil in a big pan, slowly. I mean really slowly. If you burn the garlic right here then all is lost. Throw the whole meal away and start over. You won’t fool anyone if you burn the garlic. Burnt garlic will be the only thing anyone tastes. Be cautious and go slow and low, medium low heat. When the onions are translucent then it’s ready, it might take 15 minutes but wait it out. When the onion/garlic/basil mix is finished sautéing, then dump it on the bowl of meat. Squeeze out the milk bread and put the wrung-out milk bread into the meat bowl too. Squeeze the milk bread gently so it relinquishes half of the absorbed milk. Go easy. This is what it’ll look like out of focus:

deaner sauce meatballs

Now it’s time to get messy. Grind this shit together through your fingers. Mix and mash it up it up for 5 minutes, kneading it. Make sure that everything is blended together evenly. When it’s all done it will look something like this hopefully:

deaner meatballs

Now just wash your hands and set this bowl aside for the moment.

The Sauce (gravy, whatever)

Add another 2 tablespoons of olive oil to a large spaghetti pot and sautee the rest of your onions, garlic and basil, again, slow and low. Do not burn the garlic. When the onions are translucent, add the three cans of tomato sauce. For every can that you pour in the pot, go to the sink and fill up half the can with water and dump it in the pot, rinsing out the remaining sauce still in the can. This water is going to cook off over the next 3 hours as you will see. Remember that, 3 cans of tomato sauce, 1 ½ cans of water. Now sprinkle some oregano on the pot of sauce, and add a tablespoon of sugar, stir it a little, and simmer the sauce on medium low heat.

The Meat

meatballs deaner sunday sauce

Ok here we go. I like to brown my meatballs before putting them in the sauce, it greatly helps the texture and flavor of the end product, but it’s more time consuming and messy, but totally worth it. Pour an inch of oil in the bottom of your pan and turn the burner to medium high. Get that oil scorching hot. Shape the meatballs in your hand to whatever size you like, I like larger meatballs. Add them to the scorching hot pan, try and not let them touch one another. If the oil is hot they should brown on each side quickly. We are not trying to cook them here, it’s okay if they’re still undercooked in the middle, they will be cooking in the sauce for three hours. When each side is browned, remove the meatballs to some paper towels and add the next batch to your pan. I usually have to do this 4 times, 4 batches of meatballs. When you’re done, add your browned meatballs to the sauce.

deaner sauce porkchops

Pork chops

I always throw a couple of (bone in) pork chops in my Sunday sauce, they add a ton of flavor and they completely fall apart while cooking in the tomato sauce. Anyway, using the same oil you used for the meatballs, brown your pork chops, remove them from the pan and pat some of the oil off with a paper towel and then add them to the tomato sauce too. After this, cook the sausage and repeat the previous, add the sausage into the sauce.


My father loves hot Italian sausage so I usually add a few pieces in there for him too. It too helps the flavor of the sauce.

Deglazing the pan

By now the bottom of your pan is filled with little bits of meatball, pork chop, sausage, onions, etc. put the empty oily pan back onto medium high heat and pour in some wine, enough to cover the bottom and then a little more. Smoke will come billowing out and all of the pieces that were stuck to the bottom will come off. Simmer this for a couple of minutes until the alcohol cooks off, you will be able to smell this. Now pour the brownish wine gravy into your sauce and stir it in.

dean ween sunday sauce stop the weakness

This is after 2 and a half hours of simmering, the pork chop has completely fallen off the bone and dinner is almost ready.

The hard work is now over. You are going to let your sauce simmer on low heat for the next three hours. Clean up the mess that you’ve created and get ready for the final phase. Over the next three hours your sauce is going to relinquish a lot of fat and oil, like tons of it. There is a lot of debate over this in my family, I personally skim 90 percent of it off. It is a constant job. Some people believe in stirring it back in for flavor. You will see what I mean. Like I said, I leave some and stir it back in, but not a whole lot.

deaner sunday sauce

This is what it will look like. Get the table ready and put out the wine and whatever else your guests like. We tend to eat simple, but tasteful meals. I usually put out a bunch of fruit and berries and olives and cheese.



Cook your pasta until it is al-dente, about 11 or 12 minutes. When it’s finished, drain it in a colander and then transfer it to a big serving plate. A large plate is better than a bowl for this. Grab a fistful of cheese and cover the pasta with it and then toss it a little, this will help the sauce adhere to the pasta. Now start spooning the tomato sauce over the pasta, stirring it in, covering the pasta. Don’t put too much sauce on it yet, let your guests decide how much they want, I just cover it enough to use as a starting point.

deaner cooking sauce

I like to put some meat around the outer ring of the serving plate, but take the whole pot of sauce and meat and put that on the table too. Let people decide how much sauce they like and let them hand pick what meatballs, sausage, pork they want. Last but not least, sprinkle the dish with parsley and a little more cheese for presentation. You made it.

deaner sunday sauce

This is what it should look like and it’s time to eat and drink! Make sure the cheese is on the table. MANGIA!

deaner with sauce at the end stop the weakness

NEW Beavis & Butthead - UNWEAKNESS!!!!!!

Legit Random - 11.16.11

new beavis and butthead is awesome unweak stops the weaknessIf you are like me and grew up on Beavis and Butthead, then you probably met the news of new episodes with equal amounts of joy and worry. Don't worry, nothing sucks about the new Beavis and Butthead (new episodes are on Thurs nights). For real....it is true to the original and maybe even funnier.

The funnier comment could just be that I worried it would suck, so it therefore exceeded my expectations....but, minus the videos, it seems like nothing's changed. Instead of watching music videos, they watch the shows MTV airs instead - Jersey Shore and that show about knocked up teenagers. It's weird...people have been making jokes/comments about MTV not playing music for over 10 years now, thus you don't really give it much thought anymore...but if you do think about it, they really, really don't play music anymore. Maybe at some point in the wee hours they will run a video or two, but they don't even have TRL anymore. MTV2 probably doesn't even play music anymore.

Oh well, enough rambling about MTV - check out the Vice interview with Mike Judge while you're at it. It is funny.

Vintage Colored Hockey Game/Bar Hats - Found a Place to Buy Them - Stop the Weakness

Legit Random - 11.11.11

Some readers out there have sent emails asking about the green Whalers hat that is pictured on the site often....and we are here to help by providing a place to buy the real deal vintage ones.

If you grew up in the 90s you probably remember how popular bar hats were, and if you were a real geek about it, you may remember the colored hockey bar hats by The Game. The legit ones that were the best hats and for some reason only made for a short, short time frame....before they started making white versions only, andsome ghetto colored versions that had cardboard brims and were just shitty. Not sure why they ever stopped making the colored ones, but the new versions fit like shit. nhl colored bar hats by the game vintage 90s legit place to buy them stop the weakness

I won't get into the geekery of how to tell the difference between the good fitting ones and the bad ones, but I will say that I found a guy who has an incredible collection and sells them (see picture). Not only does he sell from his collection, he trades them and constantly seems to find new ones to add. It is crazy because I searched for these things for years and could never find them through ebay and other like outlets. Anyway, these can be expensive, but well worth it if you were as into these hats as many people we know were...including ourselves.

The picture above is from a year or two ago and in the couple of weeks we traded emails he added a black Flyers hat and a blue Rangers hat....so I am sure it has changed some since then. It's not really worth going into describing these hats anymore because only the people who know what they are will be willing to pay $80 and up for a hat (I think the North Stars go for $400) but to show how old they are and the limited amount of time they were made, these hats were made when the Devils still had green in their colors, before the Whalers added navy, when the North Stars still existed and various other things.

So if you are interested in these hats, send us an email (tweak@stoptheweakness.com) and we will put you in touch with the person who sells them.

Occupy Weak Street - Weak and Gross and Most Importantly Stupid

Legit Random - 11.8.11

occupy wall street gross tents stop the weaknessWe aren't ones to really get political around here, but we found ourselves down by Wall St this past weekend and had to walk by Zuccotti Park to check it out.....and it turned out to be pretty much what we expected. Gross like a Phish lot but with less people and maybe less purpose. At least I didn't have to witness any barefoot 2 year olds running around at the hand of their parents, though they were probably there and just tough to see because of the tents.

I won't get into a whole debate about reform and our banking system, but I will state just how stupid I think Occupy Wall St is. First off, these people are supposed to represent 99% of the US population and in the largest city in our country there were, to use the example again, less people than who show up for a Phish concert. Most of them seemed (i.e. were) homeless, crazy or both and were just there for the free food and shelter. The rest of them thought they were John Lennon and sang Imagine, or their own Imagine, on repeat....there were no John Lennons there, I can tell you that much (though a bunch of legit artists, and ones we love, like Jeff Mangum, have played down there).

So, some favorite quotes from the day? Beyond the, "destroy the Fed" chants, and other like comments where the person doesn't seem to know what their sign/statement/chant means, let alone the consequences....I like the guy who climbed the 20 ft statue and said he wouldn't come down until Bloomberg resigned. I don't want to be doing any pot/kettle black calling with my ignorance, but I thought Bloomberg has been pretty good to the OWS peoples. Not really sure what this guy's mission was...I don't think he did either as he climbed up at 6am and gave up around 11am for no real reason.

Next I liked this interaction between a group of foreign tourist and some OWSers. The OWS were standing/picketing/chanting on top of a wall in front of a sign that read something like the 10 Commandments of OWS. The top what-they-stand-for bullet point had to do with putting the Glass Steagall Act back in place. The tourists asked the OWSers a) what their feelings were on the Glass Steagall Act and why it was so important to reinstitute.....to which the OWSers said, I don't know what that is; and b) do all OWSers believe in the beliefs outlined on the sign they stood behind......to which the OWSers said, I don't know what that sign means, I didn't write it.

Other quick quotes involved one lady talking about how she came down from Boston and had to be here as this was the absolute best possible use of her time ever. I would probably kill myself if taking part in the OWS sit-in was my greatest accomplishment.

There was a lot of other funny shit, but I have rambled on long enough. I do feel there are issue that need to be corrected as well...don't think I am just a pro Wall St person spewing hate for hates purpose....in fact, that is what is so annoying about this stupid OWS thing - people seemingly going off about topics they don't know about. Look at the disgusting pictures....I have an idea for a job, get a job with the city cleaning up all the garbage you leave behind. There are so many cops down there and extra city employees to keep order, which they are doing a very good job of from what I witnessed, it does not seem like an effective use of tax dollars.

I will leave you with these pictures....a street nearby was all blocked off by police and we thought it was for OWS....turns out this was way cooler and the police cars were for Gotham City and the filming of the new Batman...way more exciting.

OWS occupy wall street tents signs grossness weakness stop it gotham city police car filming of new movie stop the weakness

3 Music Books: My Appetite for Destruction by Steven Adler, It's So Easy and Other Lies by Duff the King of Beers Rose Mckagan, and Everybody Loves Our Town - An Oral History of Grunge

Legit Random/Books - 10.26.11

steven adler autobiography duff mckagan and everybody loves our town reviews stop the weaknessThis section may as well turn into all books which is fine. I don't know how I missed it's release but my sister called me up day of bragging about the new book she just picked up. This is the same sister who has a nice signed copy of Slash's book (one of the 2 per person copies I was able to buy) that I waited in line for hours to get....though there was no thought in my direction when Duff's book was released. Just a bragging text about the new book she purchased. Anyway, I got to meet Slash, which was sweet, so I got over it, went online, noticed I missed a chance to meet Duff and buy his book, got a little sad, regrouped, made sure the book was out in stores and my sister didn't get it through some pre-order bullshit, saw that Steven Adler also released an autiobiography, got perplexed by how that happened without me noticing, and headed to Barnes & Noble in Union Sq.

So after navigating the 30 floors of this bookstore I made it to the music section and walked out with 3 books. I was really only intending to buy one, maybe two, but I saw Steven Adler's book and also this oral history of grunge book, Everybody Loves Our Town, that I had been waiting to be released. Even though I have read an unnecessary amount on each of these subjects, the fanboy in me took over and I am in the middle of 4 books currently (as I ditched my determination to finish the book I was already reading before starting any of these).

So the (not so) quick rundown: The books are pretty much exactly what you would expect, except maybe for Duff if you don't know much about him. Duff was always way fucked up when in Guns and pretty much anytime you saw him he wasn't making that much sense. He didn't seem to have that much going on in his head, but I guess that's what drinking a liter of vodka a day on top of handfuls of valiums and mounds of coke will do. He actually is pretty intelligent and his writing is interesting. He went to college for accounting and just started a hedge fund to help musicians manage their money. I haven't read enough to make this determination but I hear he tames some stuff down in case his kids read it some day. The stories are great so far. Adler's book on the other hand is, well, a little dumb and depressing. He really is just all about girls and drugs and stuff. Duff even says in his book, I didn't think Steven was serious when he said all he wants in life is a good bag of weed and a nice rock of crack....but he was, and now with the money we had he through heroin in the mix too. Many people have seen Adler on Celebrity Rehab and know it is depressing. He is pretty true to himself though and I really don't mean for this to be talking shit on him.

Lastly the grunge book - it is sweet. Just like Please Kill Me, this goes through interviews with all the people on the scene and get into the details. It is great. I have only read bits and pieces but I am hoping this will be a definitive book on the subject, sort of like Please Kill Me is for the origins of punk.

Sorry this is too long. Check these books out.

A L'Interieur (aka Inside) - One of the more fucked up unweak horror flicks

Movies - 9.22.11

a l'interieur inside unweak fucked up  unweak stop the weaknessOk, so I just put up a review for Sheitan and Inside is next. Inside is FUCKED UP. I gave a little background on where my personal preference for horror flicks came into play during my Sheitan review, but I will give a background on the more recent part of it.

Back in high school I would come home from school for breaks (went to boarding school) and all my middle schools friends (all 4 of them) went to boarding school as well, so it wasn't really a time for partying unless we were going into the city as it was just us 5 guys around. That meant lots of movies (and bowling). Everyone likes to be a movie snob for some reason, but at some point it just clicked and we started seeing every movie in the theater realizing that you can enjoy movies that are not and far from masterpieces. Some people don't get that and can't take a movie for pure entertainment value.

This carried onto college and most every Friday I would wake up after a bad Thursday night, eat some advil, chug some water, or gingerale, or orangina, put the noose around my neck, decide to take it off, put a gun in my mouth but take it out, and then ultimately decide that sitting in a dark room with a movie was the sanctuary I needed. Didn't matter what the movie, but over the course of seeing almost everything in the theater I found that horror flicks are the best because they are almost never bad. Even bad ones can keep you interested....so that grew into a full fledged love of the horror genre, seeking out the most fucked up the world had to offer.

That continued when I moved to Philadelphia and made a fellow convert, and then when I moved back to NY we picked up even more people. I would love to go into more past movie experiences, but for now I will just say that my friend moved up to NY from Phila and we had our first horror club meeting in a while. This club is exclusive, but if you think you can make the cut, by all means email tweak@stoptheweakness.com and let us know why you think you deserve it. So it was just about 6-10 of us in this screening room we rented out and we decided on French horror. I had seen Ils and High Tension a bunch and even though some members of the group asked for something with less gore and more suspense, I kind of convinced myself that though this was the goriest, it wasn't all that bad. I was wrong. Pretty much straight from the getgo. I don't like to give spoilers, but....just look at the cover, a pregnant belly covered in blood and a nice pair of scissors there. The plot.....could have been better. Well, I mean, not much happens. They flip on the fucked up switch in the intro, turn it off for about 5 mins, and then flip it back on and leave it on for the rest of the movie.

If you are looking for a little bit more I will give you some of the weapons of death....knitting needle, guns, shards of glass, aerosol flamethrower and....scissors. Oh, and some device I don't even know what it was. This isn't Saw gore or even Hostel gore......this is just a tweak and complete fucked up. Just as Harry said to Lloyd, "I don't know Lloyd, the French are assholes", I think my friends may agree at the moment....or maybe I am just the asshole for showing the movie.

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis - Expectedly Lame, but Also Pretty Unweak

Legit Random/Books - 9.21.11

anthony kiedis scar tissue unweak stop the weaknessOk, why do I say this is lame? Because the RHCP are kind of lame. Their connection with mother earth and all that hippydippy shit is a little too much for me to handle sometimes - and Anthony Kiedis is one of the biggest culprits......though if you have ever listened to John Frusciante, who I love, he can be pretty brutal talking about the spirits that move him and create music with him. So yes, if you can't stand that part of the RHCP, then don't read this. Every description of every girl, and there are a lot of girls, is tough to stomach.

So what is good about this, what did I learn? I had always thought he'd been sober since Hillel died. I never knew that he was constantly relapsing all through the 90s. Also, this book doesn't read like Slash's book or Nikki Sixx's books, and I think that has to do with the headiness of Anthony Kiedis, but even when Slash and Nikki Sixx relapse it doesn't seem like a big deal, it isn't depressing, it glorifies it. As you get to the end of this book you realize that this was written to cope with his drug addiction. It's not a funny, hahaha, I was SO fucked up back then.....he gives you a look into the depths and not a pretty look. In the beginning you get the glorification, but I don't think you will find a junkie who won't enjoy telling those stories. Their youth. When they got into it all. Yes, it is conflicting, where it took them, what it lead to, but you wouldn't get into the horrible bad times if there weren't times that were so fun and good. As you get through this though, the bad times get real depressing especially if you know anyone who's gone through this or if you have yourself.

What else....oh, I learned that Chad, who never seemed to fit in the band really, well never really did. He is like an LA 80s metal man and not all heady like the rest of them and didn't hang out all that much. I also love One Hot Minute and think it's kind of annoying how they gloss over it as a bad time for the band, though I guess it was a dark period, so what are they going to say, they loved the fucking record? I think that album destroys any of the 3 after it. Alright, I've rambled on long enough.

1991 - The Year Punk Broke - Too Excited, a Little Bit of a Let Down

Movies - 9.20.11

1991 the year punk broke stop the weaknessI have wanted this forever and since it was being released on the 20th anniversary on DVD, which coincides with Nevermind's 20th anniversary, well, I was pumped. This came first. This is Sonic Youth's film that kind of turned into a Nirvana film since Nirvana ended up being a lot bigger than Sonic Youth after the film came out.

First off, Thurston Moore is just kind of annoying during it. I like him a lot, and I think since it was his friend filming and others didn't like the camera that much, he felt the need to step up to the plate and entertain. The performances are awesome but I wish there were more by each band. Dino Jr only gets Freak Scene for example, and Nirvana get a couple songs, and the Sonic Youth songs are sick. I mean...it is what it is. It isn't that long and it is all these bands out on tour of Europe having fun before their music scene exploded.


Drive - Stops the Weakness, Best Movie in a while

Movies - 9.19.11

drive stop the weaknessI didn't know dick about this movie before I saw it and it was awesome that way. Sit down and the intro is awesome. See Cliff Martinez (old Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer) has done the music, which was one of the best parts of the movie, and from there it was just non-stop perfectness.

This shit is violent and awesome. I think I love Carrie Mulligan, and I like Ryan Gossling a lot as well, which I didn't think I would ever say. Their relationship in the movie is, well, I just think perfect.

I don't want to say much more, but Ryan Gossling does smash a guys head into, well, nothing, and there is a scene very reminiscent of the Scarface/Point Break bathroom scenes.


Sheitan - Unweak but Not as Fucked Up as I Was Expecting

Movies - 9.16.11

sheitan unweak stop the weaknessAnyone who loves horror flicks knows that the French are the ones doing it up right these days, and here is a good example. I had really high expectations for this though because probably my most trusted horror source told me it was probably one of the most fucked up movies he's ever seen. I have had it on streaming Netflix and didn't want to watch it alone that badly as even though I love horror movies, I feel like a fucking creep watching them at night....UNLESS, I am sick and suffering from insomnia which I have been for the past week.

So yeah I woke up around 4 am and had a bunch of hours until going to work and said fuck it and threw Sheitan (translation: Satan). And I was disappointed. You know, it is pretty hard to make an original horror flick these days unless it is completely ridiculous like Dead Snow, but where the French are succeeding is not using the same stale shots and flow. Now, they are kind of becoming a little similar to each other but whatever.

The most copied or drawn from horror movie has to be Texas Chainsaw, which oddly isn't one that I was ever huge into though I did love the remake....well and Deliverence....Most probably wouldn't call Deliverence a horror movie but I sure as fuck would. No movie has ever made me more freightened and horrified of....well, entire parts of the country. I hear there are beautiful places in West Virginia, and I know Deliverence takes place in Georgia, but......well.....I honestly don't know if I will ever go through West Virginia, let alone stop and stay there.

Funny that Deliverence comes up because a lot of people don't get horror movies and why people like them. I think the first R-rated movie was Nightmare on Elm St 3 (incredible movie) and shortly after I saw Deliverence. We were young, 8 or 9, and would always bust my dad's balls about the shitty movies, which were probably actually very good but we were 8 and couldn't pay attention to shit. Anyway, one day we were giving him a hard time about how his old movies suck and like a big donkey he goes out to Blockbuster with this big chip on his shoulder, all, I'm going to show these fucking kids what real movies are. He is horrible with technology too, but for some reason he thought, oh ok, when what's his name gets fucked in the ass and told to squeal like a pig, I will just fast forward it and then the rest of the movie isn't that bad. Good idea in theory but he had no idea how to work the fucking VHS. I mean, I can't fathom it now. I get it how he doesn't want to learn a lot of new technology today, but this VHS player (what did we call VHS players? I know we didn't call them fucking VHS players, someone please email me this info), well it only had like 5 buttons on it.....and there he is fumbling all through it while our 8 year old selves are sitting there like, woah, this is fucked up and badass and sorrt dad, you're not a pussy, this is just as cool as Marked for Death or Lionheart or whatever other 80s/90s action flicks we wanted to watch. Oh, one of my friends was there and my mom is completely horrified that my father thought it was ok to show this movie to us let alone someone else's 8 year old kid.

Fuck.....I got so off track. Sheitan is like High Tension and Texas Chainsaw. It is pretty fucked up, but,well, maybe I fell asleep during it or something because I don't ever remember thinking it was the most fucked up thing I've ever seen.

33 1/3 Books - They S a D, Except for the Chocolate and Cheese One

Legit Random/Books / wEEn - 9.13.11

33 1/3 books chocolate and cheese double nickel on the dime pretty hate machine unweak stop the weaknessSorry guys, haven't put shit up in a while but my girlfriend bought me this 33 1/3 book for Chocolate and Cheese (by Ween) the other day for me to read whilst being sick. It was one of those fiegned excitement, oh yeah, thank you, I can't wait.....and the reason I saw that is that I first bought the book about Double Nickle on the Dime, which is about the Minutemen's album and it was some random jerkoff writing his thought and experiences with the album and didn't give any facts. Ok, I know what you fuckers are thinking, what the fuck do you think this stupid STOPTHEWEAKNESS site is....but though I ramble and can be a little long winded, I am not writing a 200 page book on one album.

So I thought, ok maybe I will try another one and went with one of my all time favorite albums, Pretty Hate Machine, by....and I am sick of writing these "bys" because you should know who these are by (NIN) unless it is "by Ween" which any Ween fan will see the humor in. Anyway, same bullshit. Hey, maybe I just need to read a little deeper but what I got out of the first half was fuck Dylan and Eric, we were the trenchcoat mafia way before those motherfuckers shot up Columbine, and they just gave all this shit a bad name.

So....I get home and my girlfriend hands me the 33 1/3 book for Chocolate & Cheese (by Ween) and right off the bat they talk about interviewing Aaron, Mickey, Andrew Weiss, Pat & Greg Frey and the whole inner cirlce that the Ween fanatics, who Deaner once described to MTv saying, "Our fans are the biggest losers in the whole world", all know and love. It is the perfect book. You get to learn about pre-C&C, during C&C and post C&C and it is fantastic. Very very cool stuff.

The series is up to at least 80 albums/books and there have to be other good ones in there, so.....just read a few pages first to make sure you don't get some stupid guy rambling for 200 pages about how this album changed his life. I am the most longwinded individual in the world and don't think I could come close to doing that.

Dear Diary - A Vice Book by Lesley Arfin - Maybe I am a 12 Year Old Girl but Unweak in My Book

Legit Random/Books - 8.29.11

dear diary a vice book by lesley arfin stop the weaknessI don't know if I am the intended audience for this book, but I liked it. If I were less secure with my masculinity or lack thereof I may have felt slightly awkward reading a book called Dear Diary with pink pages throughout on the subway to work each day, but what can you do. This book is brought to you by Vice, so...well first off if you know Vice well you may already be familiar with the Dear Diary columns, but if not and you just know Vice then you can guess the style and content - not very PC and about sex and drugs...and some rock and roll too. Lesley Arfin, who grew up in Long Island, graduated college in 2001 (or 2002?) and then moved to the city, takes entries from her diary starting in 5th or 6th grade going all the way up to present day (book was released in 2007) and adds commentary along the way, giving background and her current thoughts/feelings about the entries.

The book is a little annoying early on as the entries are mainly all, I like this boy but he likes that girl, I like that boy but he likes this girl, and so on, but as it works her way through more serious boy issues, parent issues, drug experimentation, heroin addiction, recovery and everything in between it....well there are a lot of different things packed in here. As Lesley states throughout, she feels she needs to tell this story as true as possible even if it paints some people she loves in a bad light as there may be some girl somewhere going through something similar. Alright, so I am a guy and older than Lesley when she published this book, so maybe I didn't need this book to help get me through my teenage angst and drama, but I found it very useful to learn what teenage girls are thinking thereby providing great ways to manipulate and pickup 15 year old girls. JK JK LOLLERZ!!!!! Seriously though, even though I may be a different sex/age there are still a lot of issues in here that are interesting to anyone of any age/sex. Her commentaries are funny and she is completely honest, which is refreshing for a book that is supposed to teach life lessons. For example, she will tell girls to get drunk when having sex for the first couple times, which she acknowledges may be frowned upon advice but that is the way she feels.

At the end of the day, if you enjoy talking to your friends about their issues (relationships, drugs, friendships) and helping people work through their problems or vice versa (yes I realize how lame that sounds after writing it down) then I think you'd like this book. It also provides an awesome trip down '90s memory lane too. There is also a forward by Chloe Sevigny that I thought was interesting as she grew up in the town next to me and used to babysit a couple of my friends.....so you kind of get a look into her life at that point when she was babysitting my friends. What else....the packagine of this book is cool. The hardcover version (pictured above) has a flap with a lock on it which is magnetized and sort of locks down on the front cover. So yeah, I will end this here, very cool packaging.

Senna - Formula One Documentary - Pretty Much Stops Weakness

Movies - 8.25.11

senna unweak  stoptheweaknessThere is not a whole lot to say about this documentary except for that it is pretty sick. It is not playing at many theaters in NY but I suggest searching it out. In fact, I just learned that this movie was released back in October of 2010 and everyone thinks it's the shit with a 100% fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

I may show my ignorance here, but my friend called me up to see if I wanted to check out this Formula One racing documentary and I have to say I wasn't jumping for joy. Formula One, or just motor racing in general, kind of has a bad name in the US and this changed all that for me. And far beyond the sweetness of the race scenes, the story of Ayrton Senna and his competitive streak against his teammate Alain Prost is unreal. I never in a million years thought I could be as captivated by Formula One. This film wins on every level. It is funny, fascinating, suspenseful, has ill footage and is straight up depressing and hopeful all rolled into one. He was the man. Purely about the sport and loved by his country. I am not big into sports so feel free to call bullshit left and right, but I feel like it is tough to watch this film and not feel that sports/athletes are more cheap these days. I know that is a bold and not fully true statement, but....well see for yourself. Check this shit out and I guarantee it will have you wanting to become a guilt free fan of Formula One.

Oh yeah, there are some subtitles too, so if that causes problems for you - learn to read and quit complaining.





senna documentary footage stop the weaknesssenna formula one racing stop the weakness

Sleep No More - A Tweak and Unweak

Misc - 8.24.11

sleep no more manhattan punchdrunkI don't want to say too much about this because I think your experience will be enhanced by the less you know. It is a free for all and it is a must see. It has been described as an interactive play and it tells the story of Macbeth, though I will need to go back again (and again probably) to get that part, in a Hitchcock type setting. This is way more about the emotions the different rooms create, which is mainly terror/fright/suspense, than any sort of plot. Or maybe that was just my experience. It's like a haunted house. They recommend that you go off on your own and not to stay in groups, and while I thought they were full of shit, I think we all separated after 5 mins and we were in there for 3 hours.

There are 4-5 floors in this fake hotel, which occupies the spot of old clubs at 27th and 11th, and there are tons of rooms on each floor. You are free and encouraged to search through and touch everything, but everyone has to wear the eyes wide shut mask in the pictures below and no one is allowed to talk. There are workers in the corner of every room and they will reprimand or move you if the actors are about to enter the room and need your space. I got talked to on more than one occasion but that only means I was having more fun than others. It was very cool. No cameras are allowed and there are bathrooms in there but they are creepy as fuck and you aren't sure if they are actually bathrooms you are to use or if some crazy actor is going to pop out any second. I snapped these pictures in one of these bathrooms. Oh yeah, there is a really cool bar too and you can leave the "play" and go back to the bar at any point (if you can find it) and go back in after having a drink or 2 to calm your nerves. Drinks are recommended to take the edge off. I kept a tab open. It was a blast.

sleep no more punchdrunk manhattan stop the weakness

Alright, I feel like I have told too much. They have extended this 3 times already and currently it is scheduled to stop in October...so go to the link here and try to buy a ticket if you can find a night that isn't sold out. You could go to this thing many, many times and have an awesome and different experience every time. I want to go back and check it out. Oh yeah and if the $80 price tag seems too steep...it is not. It is worth every cent. Oh yeah, the website - check it out: Website for Sleep No More.


Rosarito Fish Shack - New Place in Williamsburg - Really Really Unweak

Food/Bar - 8.17.11

rosartio in williamsburg stop the weaknessRosarito tequila bar in williamsburg brooklyn stop the weakness

If you are in Williamsburg a bunch you may have noticed the 2 new restaurants that went up on N7th and Wythe....well, it is a trick, those aren't 2 new places but rather one new place that looks like 2 places....and it is really fucking unweak.

food at rosarito in williamsburg brooklynSo one of the signs says it's a tequila bar and the place next door says it's a fish shack - since they aren't two separate places, the truth is this place is a mix of both - a Mexican seafood place, just like the Nirvana song. The food here is incredible. I had some seafood enchiladas the were the ill and my girlfriend had the tuna which was just as good. I can't wait to go back because everything on the menu looked incredible. I only wish I were more hungry because we didn't get into the raw bar, ceviches, tacos, and all the other shit they had to offer. For real, check this place out.

Oh, I do have one complaint - I love margaritas and our waiter, who was damn good by the way, sold me on some special of the night. The margaritas are $10 and not only was this one double the size (or supposed to be), it was a deal at $15. No for my complaint....it tasted pretty great but it was not large and did not have any booze in it. For a $15 drink I was hoping to get a little more.

Alright, I will be going back here soon and will do another review after that. Check this place out though if you like mexican and seafood.

Veronica Peoples With Food From Mamas - The Bar is Unweak but Don't Go for the Mama's

Food/Bar - 8.17.11

veronica peoples greenpoint brooklyn unweakSo I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in forever and we went to Veronica Peoples in Greenpoint which is linked up with Mamas in the East Village Monday through Friday from 6-9pm (I think). It is kind of weird because the bar and food are separate places, so you pay and order from different people/bills. The bar is great. Good beers and drinks selection....though if you want wine I think there was only one red and one white to choose from. Most importantly the layout is sweet for a bar. My pictures suck but inside has the perfect amount of dark cavelikeness and there is outside seating that is partially covered, which helped out as it was raining.....and you can smoke back there if that is your thing.

Veronica peoples greenpoint brooklyn unweak stop the weaknessNow for some problems...a big reason we went here was the food. We were across the street at Pencil Factory but we wanted to eat something and they only had a small food selection (sandwiches were all you could get I think). We heard that the place across the street wad tied in with Mamas which is southern food and known for being awesome. Anyway this part wasn't that great. They had 2 sandwiches and the same amount of sides and neither was made there. So we both got fried chicken sandwiches that were fried earlier that morning (if not the night before), lathered in manyo, wrapped in tinfoil and thrown in a fridge. Now had I the choice of getting no mayo on it, or, and this is a crazy request, had the chance of getting my fried chicken served hot...it probably would have been pretty sick. Now I am being a little rough and the sammy was good considering it was cold and had mayo on it which i completely despise and had to wipe off but what the fuck. The mac and cheese and homemade chips were damn good and yes the Mac and cheese was hot. I have never been to Mamas in the East Village and really want to go there where they do it up right because I am sure it is sweet.

Almost forgot - they had a DJ here that played awesome music. Not sure why I haven't been here before, but it would be a great place to go with a big group of people.

Sweetwater Cafe in Williamsburg - Cash Only but Unweak and Worth it

Food/Bar - 8.17.11

sweetwater cafe williamsburg brooklyn unweak stop the weaknessSweetwater - this place is really fucking sick. I hate places that are cash only and have not been here for that reason, but the other night I sucked it up and went. This is worth it all the way. Came out to $100 pre-tip for the 2 of us and that includes 4 drinks, a cheese plate, and 2 entrees.

We had wild mushroom cannelloni and scallops. The cannelloni was really unweak, pretty much perfect, and though I liked the scallops, I only had a bite and the complaint was that the dish was a little too buttery. I am a big fan of cheese plates and this was the best one I've had in Williamsburg except for maybe Blackbird. 5 different cheeses, walnuts, some fruit and good bread. The drinks were good too, margaritas on my side and some infused tequila was used. I forget what it was infused with and I really should know as I have had it before (it's not fruity or anything, smokey in fact), but it's good.

Now for the layout - this place has a great feel to it. Inside you have cool booths (where we sat due to rain) and it is dark but not too cavernous that it makes it hard to see the people you are with. The outdoor seating is out back and up a set of stairs so you can see up over the walls. I think part of it is covered too so the rain wouldn't have been a problem. Oh well you win and lose and this was a win regardless of where you are seated. If you don't like cash only spots (oh they takes Amex too) it is worth paying for this meal in cash. It could end up being a tad expensive if you drink a lot but for a nice restaurant it's not bad at all. The staff was very accommodating as well. All around awesome experience.





cannelloni at sweetwater cafe in williamsburg brooklyn unweakcheese plate at sweetwater cafe in williamsburg brooklyn unweak