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Top 10 Songs of the Week by fakery - August 30, 2011

Unweak Music - 8.31.11

fakery selects top 10 tracks of july 28 2011 stop the weaknessWe wanted to get this going once a week, but we failed. Sorry. But here we are with another list. Hopefully you like it and take all these songs with you over Labor Day weekend and listen to them over and over and over and over and over and over and say how awesome they are and how you don't know what you would ever do without STOP THE WEAKNESS.

Oh yeah, some tracks have an iTunes download button and some don't. The ones that don't have it, don't have the track up on iTunes...we didn't just get lazy.






1) Mango Woman by Ween - having been a Ween nerd for a while I had long ago stopped searching out b-sides and outtakes as there are just too many and I didn't care enough. A few years back a live version of this Push The Little Daisies B-Side appeared and I was pissed that I hadn't searched this out earlier. Not sure how I missed it, this track is the ill. Sorry, this isn't on iTunes, so just go buy the CD/DVD combo, you won't regret it.


2) Hello Johnny by WEEN - alright, back to back Ween tunes, I am doing it. This song was a White Pepper outtake but was just released on the Caesar Tapes, a collection of quebec outtakes that Deaner posted online a couple weeks ago for people to download. They were only online for a couple hours, but if you click on that link you will find a place to download the tapes. I highly suggest you do as this song is just the tip of the awesomeberg.


3) Behind the Sun by Red Hot Chili Peppers - finally one that you can buy on iTunes for all you iTunes users. This track is off of Uplift Mofo Party Plan and is the sweetness. Good ole fashion Chili Peppers before they blew up. Well, not really representative of that era as it sounds different, but it's a sick track. Behind the Sun (24-Bit Digitally Remastered 02) - The Uplift Mofo Party Plan


4) Truly Great Thing by Sebadoh - this is from Lou Barlow's Dinosaur Jr side project turned full time gig after being kicked out/quitting Dino Jr. This is from Sebadoh III and it is lofi and awesome as can be. Sebadoh (only have the iTunes Sebadoh link, couldn't find the song for some reason)


5) For Reverend Green by Animal Collective - I think a lot of Animal Collective is shit. Shit for the uber hip to use to show their superior taste. Then they blew up and I am not sure if they are still held sacred. Anyway, I was way hip and got into these guys before they were cool...seriously though, I am split down the middle on most Animal Collective stuff, and this track lays on the completely fucking awesome side.

For Reverend Green - Strawberry Jam


6) Fuck Me Pumps by Amy Winehouse - this is the track that got me into Amy Winehouse. I hated that stupid Rehab song and still do, but my friend made me a CD of some of her tracks and demanded I listen to it and then go to one of her shows. Couldn't be more happy that he did that as the show and her music are straight up incredible. Don't want to get into how sad her passing is.

F*** Me Pumps - Frank 


7) Ain't It Fun by the Dead Boys - tough track to pick here, partially because of the cover GNR did on the Spaghetti Incident?, but you know what, fuck that. This song is awesome and they have a ton of incredible songs, but this is the one I am selecting. The Dead Boys are completely unweak.

Ain't It Fun - Night of the Living Dead Boys 


8) Forever For Her by the White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan is my favorite White Stripes album and this song is one of the best on it. The audio cuts out for a couple seconds in the beginning of the video, don't worry, your computer didn't break.

Forever for Her (Is Over for Me) - Get Behind Me Satan 


9) Together by the Raconteurs - holy shit, when this album came out it blew my mind. This song does not rock, and the Raconteurs really rock, but this song shows the Brendan Benson side and is incredible. These guys are way greater than the sum of their parts. Incredible.

Together - Broken Boy Soldiers 


10) Goin' On by The Flaming Lips - this is a pretty beautiful track. This came out right around the same time as the previous track, Together, and I feel like they fit together very well. Just very nice melodies. I know this album caught a lot of shit, and I don't listen to it much, but I think there are some great tracks on there, this being on of them.

Goin' On - At War with the Mystics (Deluxe Version)