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Top 10 Songs of the Week - Early Beck Mellow Gold Era

Unweak Music - 5.25.11

beck top 10 mellow gold era outtakes stop the weaknessAlright, this is for people who love Mellow Gold era Beck and can't believe they have done extended deluxe versions of Odelay and others but not Mellow Gold. What you may or may not realize is that they pretty much released a second album worth of material through the Loser, Pay No Mind and Beercan singles/EPs, not to mention One Foot in the Grave and Stereopatheticsoulmanure. Anyway, what I have collected here are basically the tracks from the 3 singles mentioned above and then a few additional tracks. Satan Gave Me a Taco is just straight from Stereopathetic but Puttin' It Down is a live version from 1996, which is actually what got me into the song and those albums (I bought a Beck bootleg from some European show in 1996 and he played a handful of tunes of those albums, Puttin' It Down being one of the best).

Anyway, yeah, for those of you who wished for more Mellow Gold era Beck and never knew about these singles: