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Layne Staley, Maynard Play Together with Alice in Chains and Tool...and some additional sweetness - UNWEAK

Videos - 10.14.11

Layne with Tool on Opiate:

AiC with Maynard:


Scott Weiland with AiC:

AiC in 1992





Tom Morello Comes Out and Plays with Bright Eyes on Road to Joy and Arienette - Unweak to the Max

Videos - 9.2.11



Poor Boyz Productions: The Grand Bizarre Official Trailer

Videos - 8.10.11

Level 1 Productions: After Dark Trailer

Videos - 8.10.11


Howard Stern: Crystal Harris on Hugh Hefner

Random - 7.28.11




Hood Fireworks Display Goes Very Wrong

Random - 7.25.11

The title above is not mine but the title of the youtube video. Like the double rainbow video, the background banter is funny:


Buckethead Videos - Go See Him Now

Unweak Music - 7.21.11

Alright, go to the Unweak Music section to read more about Buckethead, to see his upcoming tour dates and all that jazz, but here are some video reasons for needing to rush out to see him live:

Buckethead loves movies and Disney Land and often plays music from both:



He also loves Michael Jackson and I saw this show a couple years back:


Here is acoustic Buckethead:

Here is Buckethead with Les Claypool at the first Bonnaroo. I saw this. The whole show was improvised as it was supposed to be Praxis but Bill Laswell couldn't make it at the last minute, so Claypool filled in. One of the cooler shows I have ever seen:


Do you need more reasons? I could go on forever. I can't wait to see Buckethead again.

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