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Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Yeah They Have a Heniken Commercial, They're Poppy, but They Sound Good...

Unweak Music - 5.19.11

They're also Danish, so cut them a break, fastforward 3 minutes into the first video...unless you speak Danish or whatever they're speaking....If you need an explaination for the second video..leave..or watch more TV.



Songs from Bright Eyes Live in 2002 - Pretty F-ing Sweet

Unweak Music / Bright Eyes - 5.18.11



Nasty Zit Pop from Jackass

Unweak Music - 4.29.11

This is sort of vomit and awesome at the same time:


Artists Talk About Kurt Cobain

Unweak Music / Nirvana - 4.29.11





Cute Couple, Ill Dance Moves - Spike Jonze Presents: Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma...in someone's backyard

Videos - 4.14.11


River Surfing...Sweeeet - clip from Seven Ghosts: Tidal Fantasy

Videos - 4.14.11

Below is a clip from Tip 2 Tip's 9th chapter of Seven Ghosts: Tidal Fantasy. Pretty f-ing sweet. Check out more videos/chapters by clicking here


Fender Japan Released Some Ill Guitars - Mutant Mustangs, Kurt Cobain Signatures, Hollow Body Jaguars and Jazzmasters and Others

Videos / Unweak Music / NIRVANA - 4.12.11

fender jaguar vintage japanese releases stop the weaknessFender has released some ill guitars recently. Check out these videos. The first one, for the Pawn Shop series guitars, is in english and is pretty sick. These guitars are just mutant versions of their popular guitars, Strat/Tele combos, mutant Mustang with humbuckers. Pretty sweet. The next are in Japanese, but the guitars speak for themselves. Check them out:




sucks but this is the only video I can find of the Kurt Cobain signature Jaguar Fender Japan is making. This was/is always my favorite guitar. I badly wish I could try this guitar out, but you can only get Fender Japan guitars online except for a select few that they are allowed to sell in stores over here. oh well:


NIN - Trent Reznor w/ Twiggy, Peter Murphy from Bauhaus and Atticus Ross Performing Covers Backstage - Unweakius to the Maximus

Videos- 4.1.11

When reviewing Iggy Pop's The Idiot, I came across these covers. Really ill. I was searching for Nightclubbing by Iggy Pop, which is the song Trent Reznor sampled the drumbeat from for Closer back in 1994, and I found NIN covering it with Peter Murphy. Then I saw there were a bunch of other videos. This is really sweet. Awesome find. Wordis. Bondis. Oh yeah, there is a version of NIN's Reptile in here too which was played at NIN's final shows with Peter Murphy. I saw them do this. It was ill. Here, watch and get jealous.




The Story of the Wah Wah Effect Pedal

Videos- 3.31.11


I Googled "Funkiest Jam Ever," This is What Came Up – Stevie Wonder Bustin' it out on the Talkbox - Pretty F-ing Sweet

Videos- 3.31.11


Britney Gets Dirty – Poo Cocktail Supreme Outake from Jackass 3

Videos- 3.30.11


A Touch of Gay...Saxophone – SAXOPHONE GUY REMIX! Moldova Eurovision 2010 – Happy Wednesday

Albums - 3.9.11

All of Crystal Fighter's Official Videos

Unweak Music / Crystal Fighters - 1.26.11

Here are all the videos Crystal Fighters have made for their recently released album, Star of Love. If you have yet to purchase this album, I highly recommend you do. It is fucking awesome. Go here to get the album: http://www.itunes.com/crystalfighters you will not regret it. Check out the review of the album here. Their newest video for At Home, which has always been my favorite track of theirs and remains so after the album was released, should be released any day now. So....check out the videos and buy the album.



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