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war of the unweek online battle of the bands stop the weakness

Big Day - Skinning the Hero knocked out Love Inks, who had dominated the battle of the bands for over a month. For that reason we are going to allow you guys to vote back in one of the past bands. Also, people have sent a bunch of new music in, but see the directions at the bottom and submit more tracks.


vote for Love Inks for stop the weakness war of the unweek battle of the bands



vote for Skinning the Hero stop the weakness war of the unweek battle of the bands
LOVE INKS "Blackeye" by HellYes    Mankini by Skinning the Hero by stoptheweakness  

Blackeye by Love Inks -As mentioned, Love Inks dominated the War of the (un)Week for 5 weeks or so. They first knocked off Grimace Federation before going on to beat some other great bands. Here's their bio: Austin, Texas three-piece Love Inks are set to surprise and seduce music fans and critics across the board this Spring, with the release of their debut album E.S.P. due May 10, 2011. Conceived and recorded with strict, direct motives, the sounds captured within the album's 10 tracks are simply an electric guitar, a bass guitar, an old drum machine, at special moments a Moog Satellite and, most importantly, the simple yet poignant vocals of Sherry LeBlanc.


Mankini by Skinning the Hero - formed in 2009, connecticut-based skinning the hero infuses rock, punk and reggae with energy. the product? music that makes you move. their first album, monsters in the water, is almost finished and will be released through sling slang records in the near future. for information, email

grimace federation war of the unweek   bird dog
Bosico by Grimace Federation by stoptheweakness     Ireland by bird dog  
Boscio by Grimace Federation - These guys are a Phila instrumental band and they are the sickness. They were knocked out by Love Inks after winning their first round.   Ireland by Bird Dog - These guys are a Brooklyn based band and were in the very first round of the battle of the bands. This track is sick, and you can see them perform at Pianos on Tues June 28th. Would love to see this track back in it.
workout these are the years battle of the bands   becca schack
These Are The Years by Workout by stoptheweakness     Egyptian Eyes by Becca Schack by stoptheweakness  
These are the Years by Workout - Another Brooklyn band and another band that is the sickness. They were knocked out by Love Inks during their 5 week reign. Another band we would love to see back in it.   Egyptian Eyes by Becca Schack - Another victim of Love Inks. Becca Schack is a pop act with a killer voice and hooks.
Tog   audio kings
Tôg - Sansen by Brilliance Records     Camera by Audio Kings  
Sansen by Tog - These guys were in the very first round of the battle of the bands beating out Bird Dog. They are Norwegian with some crazy horror pop sounds.   Camera by Audio Kings - Another Phila band, these guys were up against......Love Inks I believe. Cool post punks, check it out.






















































Alright, Skinning the Hero are definitely in, but now is your chance to vote one of these other bands back in for a future round of the WotuW.


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Directions/how to submit below:

Alright, we have finally launched the War of the (un)Week. This is basically an online battle of the bands, but called something different because the "battle of the bands" title has a negative connotation, bringing to mind a lot of bad bands with maybe one or two good ones thrown in. Any and all are welcome to enter, and each week readers will vote on the song of their choice. The song with the most votes will stay on to the next week until it no longer gets the most votes. Hopefully this will be a good way to find new music.

To enter, send an email to along with the song of your choice (soundcloud is preferable but a download link will do) and any information on yourself/band, pics, etc. Please note that only bands or representatives of a band may submit tracks, and, when submitting a track, please include a statement granting us permission to post said track. We will notify you when/if your song has been selected so you can tell all your fans and friends and family that you have been selected to compete in the greatest contest in the world.

This will be a continuous event and we will be accepting submissions on an on-going basis. Songs/winners will be announced on Sunday and voting will be open from Monday through Saturday. The first round will go for 2 weeks to give people extra time to get hip to the system, page, site, etc. and only one vote per computer/IP address.

As always, any questions, shoot us an email at

-STW 4/3/11